3rd Grade

3rd pacing 10-11

Famous People Stick Figure:

Famous people stick figure

Essential Vocabulary

Essential Vocabulary World Wall List


Greece Book

Rome Book

Mali Book

Matching Strips (3.1)

Matching Strips (3.2)

Matching Strips (3.3)

Vocab Review (3.1)

Vocab Review (3.2)

Vocab Review (3.3)

Explorer Activity (3.4)

Explorer Map (3.4)

Greece, Rome, and Mali Flashcards

Egypt and China Review Foldable (2.1 & 2.4)

Native Americans Review Foldable (2.2 & 2.4)


Matching Strips (Civics Terms)

Vocab Review (3.10)

Vocab Review (3.11 & 3.12)


Matching Strips (Economic Terms)

Vocab Review (3.7)

Vocab Review (3.9)


Matching Strips (3.5)

Vocab Review (3.5)

Review Materials

Kindergarten Review Cards

First Grade Review Cards

Second Grade Review Cards

Third Grade Review Cards

Repair History (K-3)

K-3 Question and Answer Bank

Big Book: Ancient Greece

Big Book: Ancient Rome

Big Book: Famous People

Big Book: Government

Matching: Greece, Rome, Mali

I Have Who Has: Explorers

Refrigerator Cards

Basketball Gameboard

Circles Gameboard

Squares Gameboard

Frog Game Card Backs


SOLopoly game board

SOLopoly questions and answers

SOLopoly questions and answers-student

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  1. This is amazing-just need to find the time to make all of these wonderful ideas!!!
    Thanks for your efforts.

  2. This site is amazing. I do have a question though. I can’t figure out how to put the Greece Book together. I can’t figure out how to make the shutter foldable and then the next part. The directions aren’t as clear as I need them to be. Can you please help me? Thanks!

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