USII and Civics and Economics Materials

Now that second semester has begun, our Civics and Economics and US II teachers have made the switch to the new 2008 curriculum standards.  Therefore the materials on the blog on those pages are now obselete because they have not been revised to match new standards.  The USII and Civics and Economics pages will have all of their materials removed immediately to avoid any confusion and accidental use of old materials with the new standards.

Since Sarah and I now focus on grades K-6, we have unfortunately not been able to revise the USII and CE standards.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

3 thoughts on “USII and Civics and Economics Materials

  1. Lisa,

    I can’t tell you how sad I am that the materials for USII are no longer available on History on Tap! 🙁 They were FABULOUS!!! I didn’t mind apapting them to fit the new standards, really I didn’t.

    Since you now focus on K-6, who focuses on 6-8? Is there someone out there that does?


  2. Lisa,
    I agree with Tracey, I miss the materials especially since I am teaching CE for the first time in years. Any way to get them back?

  3. Hi Mimi,

    Unfortunately, since the materials have not been updated to correlate with new standards, we are not able to leave them posted on the blog to avoid any issues down the road where someone may use the old materials and incidentally miss any new information that has been added. And with Sarah and I having our hands full with our elementary schools, we just haven’t been able to update the activities like we hoped. Sorry!


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