February Giveaways

We have a few items left over to give away to our Portsmouth teachers.  With the exception of one third grade item, everything else is up for grabs by any grade level.  Please leave a comment and let us know which item you want and we’ll get it in the pony to you. 

Large Constitution (poster sized)

Desk size, laminated world map

3rd Grade Timeline

2 Jefferson Prints

5 Lincoln Magazines

Agriculture Map

Wall Map and Large Laminated World/US Map

*Update:  The Constitution, 3 of the Lincoln magazines, agriculture map and the world map have been claimed!

USII and Civics and Economics Materials

Now that second semester has begun, our Civics and Economics and US II teachers have made the switch to the new 2008 curriculum standards.  Therefore the materials on the blog on those pages are now obselete because they have not been revised to match new standards.  The USII and Civics and Economics pages will have all of their materials removed immediately to avoid any confusion and accidental use of old materials with the new standards.

Since Sarah and I now focus on grades K-6, we have unfortunately not been able to revise the USII and CE standards.  We apologize for any inconvenience.