For Love of Liberty

A new resource was recently introduced to us by the folks at “For Love of Liberty:  The Story of America’s Black Patriots.”  These are great resouces that cover the role of African Americans in each war from the Revolution to the Middle East. 

The facilitator guides (for high school and college) have been posted on the High School page, along with links to each video that accompanies the guide.  The videos are brief, and the guides are organized by each war.  Each lesson contains general information, important facts, a brief video, and questions.  The lessons are not long and would be a great addition to the information that is already taught. 

Check out the high school page for this great resource.  USI and USII teachers, the information could be shared with your students as well, as each lesson has important and interesting facts that could easily be incorporated into your lectures.

Geography Idea

Since most everyone starts the year off with geography, here’s a site where students can create their own airline tickets.

 airline ticket

Brian McKee, a TRT who works with John Tyler, Churchland Elementary, and Brighton had a few suggestions for questions to go along with the activity.  Each student could have their own airline ticket with a destination city, and then using a bulletin board with a map(s) they could answer the following questions: 

  • Here’s your “airline” ticket…go to the bulletin board and find your city (geography)
  • What continent is your plane flying to?
  • Writing activity:  Imagine that this is your real airline ticket.  Write in your journal about what you would take with you on the plane
  • Find the longitude and latitude of your city
  • What famous person is from your city?
  • What (SOL event) happened in your city?
  • What region of the U.S. is your city in?
  • Math:  How many miles is it to your destination?  Kilometers?

It could be used throughout the year as you move through the SOL’s, if you assign students destination cities such as Boston, Saratoga, Vicksburg, etc.

Fulbright Hays Seminars Abroad

I know it’s a little too early to think about next summer, but the Fulbright Hays Seminars Abroad applications are up for summer 2011.  These are fully funded travel abroad opportunities for K-12 teachers.  This year the elementary seminar options are Argentina, India, and Turkey & Greece.  (The Turkey and Greece seminar will probably be six weeks, since it covers two countries.)  The secondary seminar options are China, Mexico, and Thailand & Vietnam.  (Again, most likely a 6 week program.)

The seminar description and application information are available online.  Eligibility information, seminar descriptions, and the link to the online applicaton are available there.  Applications are due by 4:30pm on October 6th, 2010.  Applications are rather lengthy (4 essays) but the program is worth it.  I traveled to Poland on a Fulbright grant in 2009, so if you have any questions about the program and what it entails, please email me.