Resources and summer workshops

NBC has launched a website chronicling 60 years of the Civil Rights Movement.  “Launching the Dream” is a free video series available for teachers, students, and parents.  The site currently has over 100 videos, grouped into ten thematic units, with plans to add additional video content.  This is a great resource to allow students to hear from those who were personally involved in the Civil Rights Movement.

There is also a summer workshop about the Civil Rights Movement, through the VA Historical Society.  Textbooks and reading materials are free, and meals and lodging will be provided for out to town participants.  Each participant will also receive a $250 stipend upon completion of the workshop.  Visit to apply. 

And finally, the Civil War Preservation Trust will have a teacher institute in July.  The workshop is free, and includes meals, although a $100 refundable deposit is required to hold your space.  The workshop will take place in Hagerstown, Maryland, and includes a day long tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield.  Visit the CWPT website for more information and to apply.

USI and USII ODU Econ Center Workshop

These guys have great workshop.  There is a list of sample lesson plans, although I only included the ones relevant to USI.   There were many more designed for USII.  Registration information is at the bottom of the post. 


People’s choices have consequences that lie in the future.  Can teaching about US History using economic theory help our students to make better choices in their futures?  In the country’s future?  Absolutely!

 Focus: Understanding Economics in US History: Grades 6-12

Saturday, April 10, 2010  9:00am – Noon

Virginia Beach Higher Education Center

Mysteries abound in U.S. history.  Students, acting like detectives, solve these mysteries by searching for clues and sifting through evidence in an effort to gain new insights into familiar subjects.  Using the interactive lessons from Focus: Understanding Economics in US History, students use economic reasoning to engage and learn.  These 39 lessons use a unique mystery-solving approach to teach U.S. economic history to your high school students. The activity-based lessons will give you a new, refreshing way to meet your U.S. History content goals, and infuse eye-opening economics material at the same time.  Lessons are correlated to the Virginia Standards of Learning. Each participant will receive the curriculum guide with 39 lessons, a $60.00 value, FREE.   Worth three recertification/professional development hours.  Registration information at the bottom of this email.  

 A sampling of some of the 39 lessons in the curriculum.

Lesson 5: Indentured Servitude: Why Sell Yourself into Bondage?

Lesson 6: Specialization and Trade in the Thirteen Colonies

Lesson 7: The Costs and Benefits of American Independence

Lesson 8: Problems Under the Articles of Confederation

Lesson 9: The US Constitution: Rules of the Game

Lesson 11: How Did Cotton Become King? The Economics of Cotton and Everything Else.

Lesson 12: Francis Cabot Lowell and the New England Textile Industry

Lesson 16: Andrew Jackson and the Second Bank of the United States

Lesson 17: Free the Enslaved and Avoid the War

Lesson 18: Why Did the South Secede?

REGISTER ONLINE at the Virginia Council on Economic Education’s workshop page and search by SPONSORING CENTER (ODU) for more information and to register for the workshops. *If you do not immediately receive a confirmation email then your registration did not go through.   Try again, or email Ruth Cookson ASAP at