12 Days of Christmas Giveaway (Day 12)

Today we have a few things to giveaway.  First Portsmouth teacher to comment for each thing gets it!

1.  3rd grade:  Sarah and I will come in and do a “Soapy Architecture” lesson with your students during SOL review.  We’ll bring all materials and set up a date with you a little later.

2.  6th grade:  We have 4 USI timeline bookmarks.  You could keep this handy in your classroom.  You’ll only get one as a reference for your classroom, so 4 sixth grade teachers can win here.

3.  Middle School:  We have a USII  and Civics and Econ timeline  reference bookmarks.  Both of these will go to the same teacher, so first comment wins.

4.  VA Studies:  We have one VA Studies reference bookmark, first 4th grade teacher gets it.

5:  Any grade level:  We have a 50 states timeline with info about each state.  First Portsmouth teacher (regardless of grade level) wins.

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway (Day 10)

Today we are giving away a lesson for a 4th grade teacher.  We will come in and create a big book to review whatever unit you would like us to review before the second nine weeks benchmark test.  This is a whole class activity and we will bring all materials.  We will schedule this lesson with you for a Friday.  First Portsmouth teacher to comment gets it!  Good luck and happy Friday!

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway (Day 7)

We have another giveaway for 6th grade today.  There are two skills books, one focusing on Primary Documents and one focusing on maps, charts, and graphs.  The first two 6th grade Portsmouth teachers to leave a comment will get one.  The first 6th grade teacher to leave a comment gets to choose which one.  Good luck!

Website Update

A few weeks (months?) ago we posted a wonderful website for 2nd grade teachers, jalopespot.com.  A login is now unfortunately required to access this site.  Sarah and I have both looked at it, and we can’t find information to contact anyone to ask for permission to use the site, nor can we create an account with the site.  So I’m going to remove the link from the portaportal as well as the K-2 page on the blog.  I’m sorry we can no longer access this site, especially since it contained so many resources, but this was done by whoever runs the site.  We’ll be on the lookout for other sites for second grade resources.

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway (Day 5)

First a note about the previous giveaways-I posted everyone’s comments from yesterday, although unfortunately all the items that have been posted so far have been won.  (With the exception of the USII giveaway from yesterday-USII teachers that’s still up for grabs.)  So we’re not ignoring anyone, but the items from days 1-4 have already been claimed.

Today we have magazines to giveaway to a 4th grade tacher.  One is a Cobblestone about Jamestown, and the other is a Crinkles magazine full of information about Virginia (including some activities.)  The first fourth grade teacher to leave a comment will get them!

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway (Day 4)

Today we have something for our USII teachers.  We have three magazines to giveaway.  Two are about Thomas Edison and one is about Ellis Island.  These would be good resources to have in your room for anyone who is interested in learning more, or to assist with any research projects.  The first Porstmouth middle school teacher to leave us a comment will get them!