More summer opportunities

The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History and the National Endowment for the Humanities have posted their summer seminars for 2010. 

The Gilder Lehrman seminars are a week in length, and take place at various colleges across the US and the UK.  This is not a fully funded opportunity, though youwill receive a stipend to help offset costs.  Most meals and housing are provided.  Please note that meals take place in the cafeteria, and housing is most often on campus.  For further information and a list of seminar offerings, visit  Applications are due in February 2010. 

The NEH offers several types of summer programs.  Their seminars and institutes  last 3-6 weeks.  For more information regarding each seminar, visit  Again, this is not a  fully funded program, but you do receive a stipend. 

The NEH also offers week long Landmarks of American History and Culture workshops for teachers.  You will receive a stipend of $1200 upon completion of the workshop to offset travel costs and other expenses.  There are several interesting workshops offered for next summer, including one on Lexington and Concord.  To learn more, visit 

Applications for the NEH seminars/institutes and the Landmarks workshops are due in March.  Good luck!

6th grade and middle school giveaway

We’ve got two History Alive! sampler books to give away to a 6th grade teacher and a middle school teacher. 

The book for the 6th grade teacher includes activities on declaring independence, Lewis and Clark, and the Civil War.  The sampler for the middle school teacher includes activities on the assembly line, Japanese internment, and Civil Rights. 

You must be a Portsmouth teacher to win, the first 6th grade and the first middle school teacher to leave comments will get the books!