Colonial Architecture Lecture at Courthouse Galleries

On September 26, 2009, the Courthouse Galleries in Downtown Portsmouth will have a lecture on colonial architecture and the restoration process of Colonial Williamsburg.  The speaker will be Dr. Carl Lounsbury, who is the Architectural Historian at the Architectural Reserach Department for Colonial Williamsburg. 

The lecture will take place at 1pm and requires registration.  The pre-registration fee is $10, same day registration is $15.  The fee also includes admission to the museum’s current exhibit, Freedom:  Evolution of the Motorcycle. 

For more information and registration, call 393-8543.

Carl Lounsbury Flyer[1]

Fulbright Hays 2010 Application Info

Ok, I’ve been keeping an eye out for the 2010 Fulbright applications.  I was told they would be posted around August 10th, but never saw an updated webpage.  So I emailed the US Fulbright Commission and asked for info.  They sent me a link, that takes you directly to the page to sign in/up for the 2010 application.  Once you sign up you can access the application, everything is submitted electronically, everything you need to complete the application is there. 

The elementary seminars will take place in India, Mexico, and Hungary & the Czech Republic.  Secondary seminars will take place in Brazil, Egypt, and Senegal. 

Applications are due in early October, and it is a lengthy process.  I would get started right away as not to rush through.  Good luck to those of you who decide to apply!

Fulbright Elementary Seminar Descriptions

Fulbright Secondary seminar descriptions

Interactive look inside the White House

Diana Davenport shared this interesting link with me.  It’s a virtual tour of the White House.  The site shows you a floor plan, with certain rooms highlighted, providing more information on that room.  Some rooms (such as the Oval Office) also offer a 360 degree panoramic of the room.  You can look at the main part of the building, as well as the East and West Wings.

When U-Boats Attacked

The Pilot is running an 8 part series (beginning yesterday) about German submarines and the part played by Virginia and North Carolina during WWII.  Part of the article is interactive, with a video and photos.  Unfortunately, to read the articles online you must be a subscriber to e-Pilot, or you’ll have to get a newspaper.  (They may run the series online at a later date for all to access.)  This could be an excellent tool to show students how WWII affected the homefront.