Dr. Suess Goes to War

Here’s an interesting website for WWII. 


It’s all the political cartoons Dr. Suess drew when he was the chief editorial cartoonist for PM, a New York newspaper.  He held this position from 1941-1943 and drew over 400 cartoons, some of which were never published but are on the website. 

I think this could be turned into an interesting lesson, and if anything it is another source for discussions on propoganda.

Is it too early to start thinking about summer opportunities?

Apparently not. 

After my trip to Korea, and hearing about Sarah’s trip to Ecuador, I took a few minutes to browse the internet in search of trips for next summer.  (I would love to go somewhere again!)  I came across the Fulbright Hays Seminars Abroad website.  This is basically a grant from the US Department of Education to take part in a 4-6 week (depending on the program) overseas seminar.  The applications for next summer’s programs are due September 12. 

It is a pretty lengthy application, 4 essays total.  But the trip is mostly paid for, though you are responsible for a $400 charge to help offset the cost of the grant. 

Next summer there are several trips from which to choose:  Mexico, India, Poland, Turkey, and New Zealand and Mongolia.  (That is a 6 week trip.)

If you’re interested, check out http://www.ed.gov/programs/iegpssap/sapfacts.html for more information. 

And yes, I’m applying for Poland.

First week of school plans

Here are the websites for the lesson plans that Sarah and I talked about at today’s in-service.

A Celebration Timeline:


My Piece of History: 


Technology Components for Marzano Strategies:


History of the Olympics: 


The Olympics: 



Photo:  Bob Martin, Sports Illustrated