The Countdown

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The SOL tests for 4th grade are FINALLY OVER!! :)  AND, there’s only 9 more days of school.  Let the countdown begin…..

Red Ribbon Week ~ “I Believe In Me, I’m Drug Free.”

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This week we have been celebrating Red Ribbon Week by promoting drug awareness with our students.  Students were allowed to wear different attire throughout the week as a symbol of being drug free.  Here are some highlights:

Monday “Red Ribbon and a Smile” day

Everyone wore Red Ribbons to show their support of a healthy lifestyle, free from drug and alcohol abuse.  Students also signed the Rid Ribbon pledge. 

Tuesday – “Join the Fight Against Drugs” day 

 Students wore camouflage clothing to show support in the fight against drugs.


Nerd Day_2010 181

Nerd Day_2010 182

Nerd Day_2010 166

Nerd Day_2010 138

Wednesday“Give Drugs the Boot” day 

Students wore western apparel such as cowboy boots, jeans, and t-shirts.

Nerd Day_2010 189

Nerd Day_2010 195

Nerd Day_2010 196

Thursday –  “Too Smart to Start” day

Students wore nerdy clothing.

Nerd Day

 Nerd Day_2010 005

Nerd Day

Nerd Day_2010 206

Nerd Day_2010 200

Nerd Day_2010 209

Nerd Day_2010 212

Nerd Day_2010 201

Nerd Day_2010 213

Nerd Day_2010 215

Nerd Day_2010 221

Nerd Day_2010 233

Nerd Day_2010 234

Nerd Day_2010 235

Nerd Day_2010 236

Nerd Day_2010 208

Nerd Day_2010 237

Nerd Day_2010 238

Nerd Day_2010 239

Nerd Day_2010 240

Nerd Day_2010 241

Nerd Day_2010 242

Nerd Day_2010 243
Friday – “Team Up Against Drugs” day

Students wore their favorite team clothing.









Blog Assignment #1: Evaluate Your Life

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October 19 is Evaluate Your Life Day.  Write a paragraph about something you’ve always wanted to do with your life but haven’t gotten around to yet.  Then list some ways in which you might realistically reach your goal.

*~* WELCOME *~*

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Welcome to our class blog!  Students, you and I will be learning together how to make the best use of our blog during this school year.  I am looking forward to our journey forward into the world of blogging. 🙂

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