Mammal or Reptile?


Posted by kristytaxson | Posted in Blogs | Posted on February 20, 2009

The students are learning about different animals in science this 9 weeks and were asked to do a project to show what they have learned.  For the past 3 weeks we have been learning the difference between mammals and reptiles.  They were asked to do a diorama or poster on either a mammal or reptile showing their habitat.  Several students completed the project and what they turned in was amazing!  I have many pictures of their projects and was very impressed with what they came up with!  I know you will find it amazing also!  Our next project is due on March 13th and I am asking the students to create a poster on either the frog life cycle or the butterfly life cycle.  I look forward to seeing those posters in a few weeks!

Enjoy the pictures of this project!

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Hi kids! I was looking at your blog page. You sure are getting smart. I’m so proud of you!!! I love all the pictures of you showing what you can do and what you are learning. Keep up the good work. I love all of you soooo much!

Love, Nana

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