Grade 3 Presentation

The third-grade team at Victory Elementary were asked to present to the faculty at November’s monthly meeting.  Here are the resources that each teacher used during their presentation.  Please help yourself to these resources and manipulate them to fit your classroom needs.

Classroom Management

    Change you teaching life! Get trained. Implement.  Students will love it.
  • Whole Brain Teaching
    Discover WBT and all it’s resources on the official website.
  • WBT Kindergarten Class (YouTube)
  • WBT 6th Grade Math (YouTube)
    Watch the engagement of the students in the YouTube Video
  • WBT Procedures
    Watch this classroom management system that has procedures in place for swift, quick  and stress-free transitions.  TIME ON TASK!
  • CornerStone
    This book is amazing.  It really helps one organize their classroom
  • WBT Crazy Professor
    Help awake your students from their reading comma with this engaging and exciting reading strategy.
  • Class Rules (Word)
    These are the modified WBT rules that third-grade uses in class.  They are posted and reviewed daily.
  • Hand Signs (Word)
    Minimize classroom distractions with these hand signs.
  • I’m Done (Word)
    Eliminate the “I’m Done” distraction with this list of things “To Do.”
  • Classroom Handbook  (Word)
  • Homework Policy  (Word)
    Spell out everything in your classroom to help eliminate confusion and angry parents.

Behavior Management

  • Rewards and Consequences  (Word)
    Post the rewards and consequences
  • Daily Behavior Log  (Word)
    Tract student behavior (and all classroom related items) on the weekly behavior log.  Great Documentation!
  • Refocus Letter  (Word)
    Allow students to refocus when upset or off track. Typically, the letter doesn’t even have to go home because behavior improves.
  • Red Behavior Note  (Word)
    Inform parents of disruptive behavior.

Learning Stations


Reading Workshop  (Word)
Here is an example of the reading workshop used in third-grade.  It has evolved since the start of the year, but this is where we started.


Math Menu Mania  (Word)
Here is an example of the math workshop used in third-grade.  It has evolved since the start of the year, but this is where we started.



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