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Elements of a story

Today we learned about the 5 elements of a story. Here is the rap that we all loved, because it really helped us understand those elements. Today you will watch TV and then show the 5 elements. Then, we’ll be reading and focusing on the 5 elements. Rock on!


Sunny Sunday

Today my daughter had her first Water Party–an event that will be a tradition, I think!  We had about six 3-4 year-olds running around with water gallons and water squirters.  They were so excited and pumped.  With kids, come parents, so there was a lot of adult conversations taking place.  Because I’m a teacher, I get to field a lot of questions from parents.  When parents find I’m a reading teacher, they’re especially filled with questions.

I love talking about school stuff, reading, and how to grow better readers.

What are your thoughts on reading?