About Mr. T

Mr. Trewartha

My name is James Trewartha, Jr.  I was born  in Charleston, South Carolina. I grew up with my parents and younger brother in Whitehall, Ohio. I spent most weekends with our amazing grandparents.  Much of my success and happiness in life is because of them.

In third-grade I was diagnosed with dyslexia,  which finally identified a reason for my “slow” reading.  Schooling never came easily; however, I have always enjoyed learning.   I emulated my teachers, and through their dedication and my drive to make them proud, I have been successful.  I’ve received academic honors and held leadership positions throughout my schooling.

A well-rounded education has resulted in my deep appreciation for the arts.  Throughout school I was involved in music, art, and theater programs.  I still enjoy  listening and making music, dancing, writing, creating, and playing the trumpet.  In my classroom, the arts awake the curriculum standards!

Amanda Lucier | The Virginian-Pilot

I always knew college was in my future.  I started college at The Ohio State University.  Later I met and married my wife while attending the University of Rio Grande before moving to complete my bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at Old Dominion University.  Throughout college I worked in libraries, specializing in information science and youth advocacy. Currently, I am working to complete my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and I have aspirations to earn a doctorate degree in the field of education.

Though have always taken my teaching profession seriously, after my daughter was born in 2010, I’ve worked even harder to be the type of teacher that I would want for her.  I love to share stories about her to my students.

A former college professor once told me that I was a survivor.  Replaying my life’s story, I see that hardships have defined my adherence to completing my goals as an educator and child advocate.  Though once reserved, today I speak candidly about my past in an effort to reach and help others.  Because my education has helped me escape hardships, I want to help others by providing a fun, fair, and safe environment where students can learn.  It is my life’s calling.