Dump Sheet

Here is our class dump sheet for SOL testing.  These are important things that students should remember when taking the test.  It helps with recall and processing problems.  Practice, practice, practice

Side one:

Dump 1

Side two:


Meet and Greet

Entering my 9th year as a teacher, I still get nervous and excited about meeting the new families and faces for the coming school year. This year was no different.

It was so great to meet each of you. For those I didn’t meet I look forward to it.

Come ready to read and learn on Tuesday– the first day of what is sure to be an amazing year!

Sunny Sunday

Today my daughter had her first Water Party–an event that will be a tradition, I think!  We had about six 3-4 year-olds running around with water gallons and water squirters.  They were so excited and pumped.  With kids, come parents, so there was a lot of adult conversations taking place.  Because I’m a teacher, I get to field a lot of questions from parents.  When parents find I’m a reading teacher, they’re especially filled with questions.

I love talking about school stuff, reading, and how to grow better readers.

What are your thoughts on reading?

New Site

The summer is flying! In just a few short weeks teacher leaders will be reporting for duty to help prepare.  Shortly after, the entire faculty and staff will be back in full swing to organize and plan the return of students.  In just little over a month, the halls at Victory will be filled again with students ready to learn.

The new site is one that will be a work in progress as we journey through the year together in 3rd-grade reading.  I’m most excited about the opportunity to focus on this very important, challenging, and rewarding subject.  Reading, reading, reading! It rocks!

Check back for more updates and news!