New Star Student for January

It was tough picking a StarStudent.  So many of you are doing such a good job.  You are showing good citizenship, working hard in class, doing your work, and trying your very best.

This month’s StarStudent is JOURNEY!

Keep up the good work, everyone!

Winter Holiday

Yesterday you all shared with me what you did over your Winter Vacation.  It was so nice to read about all the special time you spent with your families.  I thought I’d post what I wrote so that you could read it, too.

Dear Class,

I had the most wonderful break.  I didn’t really go anywhere or do anything too exciting.  It was just nice to relax and spend time with my daughter and wife.  When we left school on Friday, I picked up my daughter.  We went to the mall to go shopping for my wife.  We bought her two sweaters, a dress, a cross necklace, and a ring.  Sydney and I had fun shopping, but we thought we deserved a break, so we went to watch Frozen.  I really liked it.  I thought it was one of the best Disney movies in a long time.

Twig was sure excited about Christmas this year.  We spent most of our days  before Santa came watching holiday movies and being lazy on the couch.  She just wanted to snuggle and eat popcorn.  I didn’t mind, either.  I was getting tired of Princess movies, though.

Christmas Eve we all went to our friend’s house to eat lasagna.  They have two boys around Sydney’s age.  They played and played and played.  On Christmas we got up early, opened presents and then spent the rest of the day playing with Sydney’s toys.  Again, I quickly got tired of playing Princess.  She made me and my wife play dress up.  Syd was a Princess.  I was the Princess’ master chef and my wife was the guard.  It was pretty funny.  That night we went to our friends’ parents’ house.  They’re from China so they did things a little differently.  They had noodles for dinner and put candy in their shoes.

The rest of the time we just all hung out and relaxed.


Greetings.  Tonight for homework, I asked those students that could log-in to Pearson at home to do so!  If students are able, please do the activities that have been posted.
This is a great resource for students to visit to review topics covered in class.  Students that don’t have Internet at home will also have the chance to go through the activities at school.
Also, remember that tomorrow is SOL Treat Night at the school.  Festivities start at 6:00.  Third-grade will have activities and TREATS for students.  Come out and enjoy the fun!


Wow!  It’s been another amazing, yet challenging week in the world of 110 at Victory.  This is our second week together and we’ve really gotten to know one another.  The students have adapted to my expectations and are starting to really perform in their academics.  We are still working on place value, rounding and moving right into adding and subtracting.  I met with many parents on Monday during conferences.  They all stressed that students were struggling with place value.  We’re still working and will continue to work.  Soon, I will be posting some videos to show how I’ve taught these skills and what I expect them to do to solve them– students have shown me in the past what works!  Look for them soon.

Next week, I hope to be sending home Edmodo passwords for parents to link to their child’s accounts.  Edmodo is somewhat like Facebook, but it is a secure learning environment for students.  There are tons of privacy settings and you have to be approved to be in our group.  Students have been taught that this is a positive, professional social network for us to work within.  We use it a lot, so log in at home and join the fun.

Week 3

It’s Sunday and I’m working on lessons and plans for next week– WEEK 3.  I can’t believe we’re already into week 3 of this new school year.  What do you think about having two teachers this school year?  It’s been fun learning to work beside someone else in the classroom and I’ve learned so much watching someone else teach.  Isn’t it awesome that we never stop learning!

Friday was a really great day.  I saw a lot of light bulbs go off in math class– you’re all catching on to place value and remembering what you learned last year.  It was also exciting to see everyone explore the Virginia Regions on the VA Trekkers site.  Everyone seemed to enjoy learning about our awesome state! (You’ll learn later we’re not REALLY a state at all!).

I just remembered that most of you took the Stars Reading test.  I’m going to check out those scores NOW! I look forward to getting AR started this year and earning more points than any other class in the school.  It’s our year!