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There have been many questions asked about AR (Accellerated Reader) over the past years, and many of the answers vary from grade level to grade level.  Following is a description of the AR Program as it applies to fifth grade.

AR is an integral part of the fifth grade reading program.  Each night your child is to read 30 minutes in his AR book.  After reading, he/she should complete the AR log activity for that night.  Beginning with the second nine weeks, AR will count as 20% of the reading grade as it does in the other grade levels.  The grade will be determined by how well your child does in meeting the following goals.  All of these goals are listed in your child’s AR folder.  New goals will be assigned at the beginning of each nine weeks.

Comprehension Goal – When your child takes a test, he/she should make at least 80% on the test.  If he/she scores lower than that on one test, that does not mean that he/she cannot make the comprehension goal.  The goal is obtained by averaging the test scores.  If your child is consistently scoring below 80%, then he/she needs to choose books at a lower level or review the story before taking the test.  This goal is the only goal that will automatically stay the same throughout the school year.

Reading Level Goal - The reading level goal is determined when your child takes his/her Star Reading test.  In order to meet this goal, your child should be reading books on the level assigned to him/her or at a higher level.  Students are encouraged to visit the public library to expand the number and variety of AR books available to them.

Points Goal - Your child’s points goal is based upon his/her reading level goal.  Points goals range from 6 – 21 points.  No points goal above 21 has been assigned to any student.  All goals are easily obtainable if students complete their nightly AR reading.

Once students have met their goals for the current nine weeks, they may read books at a lower level for their own enjoyment.  Points earned at a lower level will be added to their total score to increase their “buying power” at the AR store.  HOWEVER, NO STUDENT WILL BE ALLOWED TO PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THE AR STORE UNLESS ALL THREE GOALS FOR THAT NINE WEEKS HAVE BEEN MET.

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