A New SOL Test?

The SOL test for fifth grade reading will be different this year than it has been in previous years.  Before, the test consisted only of multiple choice questions; students were to select the one correct answer.  This year, however, there will be different types of questions.  Some will involve clicking and dragging answers, some will involve selecting a correct answer from a list of five or more, and some will even involve having to choose two correct answers.  This week during class, we have been using the computers to practice these “technology enhanced items” that occur in the reading test.  We have been using the VA Department of Education”s website where  practice tests are also available for math, science, and writing as well.  I am attaching a link to this site.  Please allow your child to revisit this page and practice  the available tests for fifth grade.  He/she should be using the various tools available to him/her with the test.  Take a minute to see what the tests your child will be taking look like and how he/she uses the different tools included.  I think you just might be amazed!