Robot Book Project

Parent Letter    Output Form    Robot Body

Parents, the first book project has been assigned and all information and materials have been distributed.  (As you can see, I am not calling this a book report as that term often is associated with bad memories!)  You should have seen the parent letter already since it contained a portion that was to be signed by you and returned to me.  The project itself is due on October 15.  Since it is a very simple one, I will not be accepting any late book projects.  I will scan a copy of the robot and output sheet and will link them to this post. I have already attached a copy of the parent letter.  If you need an extra copy of any of the forms, just download the ones you need.  It would be best to print the robot on card stock so that it will be sturdier than the output sheet.  Please check your child’s spelling and sentence structure before he/she writes on the output form.  Have fun, everyone!