‘Tis the Season … for Coupon Giving!

When I was a kid, Christmas was my favorite holiday.  I loved stringing popcorn and cranberries to make garlands for the tree.  Wrapping presents, decorating the house, and baking cookies all added up to a wonderful holiday season.  But as I get older, it seems that too much of the holiday is taken up with the sentiment, “What am I going to get?”  Don’t get me wrong – getting presents is great.  However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that it is often more fun to give presents than to receive them.  The funny thing is, the presents don’t even have to cost anything.  For example, what can you get your mom that she would really like and wouldn’t cost you a dime?  How about a coupon for loading and unloading the dishwasher for one week?  Or what about a coupon that says you’ll clean your room completely without complaining once?  Or even better than that, what about a coupon that says you’ll read to your little brother or sister for 30 minutes to get him/her out of your mom’s hair?  And then there’s your dad….what can you do for him?  There’s always a coupon good for one car wash or one yard raking.  Write a coupon for the job, put it in a box, wrap it up, and watch out for the smiles.  I guarantee you that they’ll be coming.  I think that my coupon gift for my husband will say, “This coupon good for one Tucker free day,” although I’m not so sure that Tucker will like it!