Wacky Wikis!

biography-acrostic-poem  Well, everyone, we’re finally going to start using our Wikis this month.  It took a little longer to complete the PhotoStory book reports than I thought, but I think it was well worth it.  I was very impressed with the students’ work.  You will see them beginning to appear on my blog very soon.

Students were given their user names and their passwords today.  These have been glued into their reading notebooks.  Today I showed them how to access the Wiki for their class.  (The web address is written on the slip with the username and password.)  We went through the steps they will follow to actually work on their page.  They will be completing their acrostic poems for their biographies here.

Letters describing the book report went home today.  However, I will link an extra copy to this post if you need to see it.  Please take the time to edit your child’s rough draft and then view the finished product on his/her Wiki page.  I think you will be quite impressed!