Create Your Own Tall Tale

I always liked reading tall tales because they were so entertaining.  The stories were much more interesting than the real reasons why animals possess certain attributes or why we have mountains, lakes, or rivers.  The example of Paul Bunyon creating the Grand Canyon by dragging his axe is a lot more fun than thinking about it being carved by erosion.

You will have an opportunity to create a tall tale of your own for extra credit.  Click on the following link to access this assignment.

Have fun!!

PhotoStory3 – The Next Adventure

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Parents, get ready.  Students are gearing up to complete their first technology book report of the year.  A week ago, students were assigned to a group containing three members.  The three members were given the same AR book to read for this book report, a book whose level fits into their individual AR ranges.  Students have been reading in class as well as at home to prepare.  All of the reading must be completed by October 31, and projects are due no later than the end of the school day of November 7.  Students will be allowed to begin working on the report as soon as all of the group members have completed the book and taken the AR test.  There are already quite a few groups that have finished their reading and are ready to begin!


The actual book report will be a PhotoStory3 retelling of the book.  Ms. Okoye, the language arts TRT for the school system, came to Churchland Elementary last Wednesday to demonstrate for the students how to use the software.  Needless to say, they were all extremely excited and ready to begin.  Although we will be completing the project in class, students may search for pictures at home on the internet, save them to a CD or flash drive, and bring them to school to use in their project.


I have attached all resources that will be used by students in the completion of this project.  The PhotoStory3 software is a free download from Microsoft.  In order to download it to your computer, you must have a genuine copy of Windows installed on your computer.  I have downloaded it successfully onto my laptop which uses Windows XP, but I have not tried to download it on a computer running Vista.  Just click on the link if you wish to download a copy.


I think this project will be an extremely beneficial one for students since it not only provides them an opportunity to work with others in the completion of a project, but it also allows them a chance to use a wonderful piece of software in its construction. 

Favorite Characters – Must They be Good Guys?

Image courtesy of Disney

Image courtesy of Disney

When I was growing up I loved to read the Disney story books based on the animated (cartoon) movies they had released.  One of my favorites was Sleeping Beauty.  Now Sleeping Beauty is full of wonderful characters.  You have Sleeping Beauty herself, one of the nicest people around.  She was so nice that even the animals in the forest loved her.  She was beautiful, too.  What more could you ask for?  What little girl wouldn’t pick her as their favorite character?  Not me!! I thought the evil fairy, Maleficent, was the most wonderful character.  First of all, she was green.  That was about the same as my having freckles!  Then her name, Maleficent, tells you two things about her; she’s Malevolent (really, really evil) and Magnificent.  Pretty cool, huh?  Third, she was able to put curses on people.  I knew quite a few who deserved a curse or two, starting with my two sisters!  Then there was her ability to change into a dragon.  Oooh, to think you could become a large, scaly monster that could eat what annoyed you.  Life just couldn’t get any better than that! 

I always felt a little wierd when we talked about our favorite characters in school, and I often didn’t volunteer for fear of being laughed at if I disclosed (told) the identity of my favorite character.  Most of my friends picked the good guys, but is that really necessary?  I think any character that impresses you in one way or another can be your favorite.  Therefore, bring on Maleficent, the most magnificent of them all!

Blog Assignment 2 – Who is your favorite character?  Why is he/she your favorite?  Be sure to tell what book he/she comes from.  Write your answer in good paragraph form.