Happy Birthday, Tucker!

Tucker, the Birthday Boy  Tucker’s birthday was April 8.  It’s hard to believe that the little fellow was a year old.  I spent the day repairing his stuffed animals.  (He likes to tear them open at the seams.  I’ve found that the only way to fix them is to sew them back together with dental floss because it’s a lot stronger than ordinary thread.  Of course that doesn’t keep him from tearing them open again a day or two later.)  He also went for two long walks and a “swim” in his pool.  Since it was his birthday, I bought him a box of doggy ice cream sandwiches.  Since they were scored (marked) in fourths, Kolleen, Todd, my husband, and I all got to give him a birthday treat.  Hmmmm, looks like the start of his own birthday tradition.

When I was growing up, birthdays were special days for us.  We got to pick whatever we wanted for our birthday dinner, and then we got to pick what kind of cake we wanted.  Being the strange kid I was, I sometimes asked for cherry pie instead.  Since it was my birthday, that’s what mom fixed.  I have since carried that tradition into my own family.  Whether it happens to be my husband’s birthday or one of my children’s, the “birthday boy or girl” gets to pick what he/she wants.  Over the past few years, we included my mom and sister in our tradition, fixing their favorite foods as well.  We all get together and share a meal.  After all, that’s what families are all about!

Blog Assignment 13 – Talk about what you do on your birthday.  Do you have a tradition that the members of your family follow each year?  Describe it.  If you don’t, what tradition would you like to see started?  BE REALISTIC!