Promethean Power

This year we were fortunate enough to have a Promethean board installed in our classroom.  That in itself was great!  I never imagined how wonderfully interactive it would be. 

One of the things that I love the most about it is the fact that the students readily grasp how to use it.  Not only are they capable of using a majority of the tools, they are very able and willing to let me know when I have made a mistake with one of them and what I need to do to get back on track. 

Even with all of the neat things we could do with the board by itself, I never realized just how powerful it could be until I introduced the Activotes or clickers.  Oh, my gosh!  Suddenly everything we did was fun, even the SOL writing test multiple choice reviews (How much fun could that be?).  For students to be able to click on their answers and see the results immediately posted was truly awesome.  Then, when they could see how they did on all of the items combined by a mere click of the Summary button, it nearly blew them away, as it did me!  Not only could I see at a glance how everyone did, but I also had an instant matrix which showed which items I needed to review in order to achieve class mastery.  No more tallying test items for me! 

The more I use this glorious teaching tool, the more I thank my lucky stars that our school system saw the value in such an item as the Promethean board.  And to think that when I bought my first computer I used to get the sweats just thinking about using it!  You just never know! 

Blog Assignment 9 – What do you like best about the Promethean board?  Do you think the Activotes (clickers) will help you in the classroom?  Why or why not?

Copying Homework is Also Cheating

People are always aghast when they talk about students cheating in school.  How could anyone not study for a test or quiz that he or she knows is going to be given?  Asking someone for an answer or looking at someone else’s paper to get an answer is cheating, and everyone will tell you that. However, what about homework?

Many students look at copying someone else’s homework as an okay thing to do.  After all, it’s only a homework assignment, and it shouldn’t count for much, right?  Wrong!  When you copy someone else’s homework, you are turning in that work as your own.  It is NOT your own.  Copying that homework is the same as copying the paper on a test.  It is wrong, and the same consequences should occur. 

What about the person who lets you copy the homework assignment?  Is he/she quilty of cheating, too?  Most definitely!  Giving someone the answers willingly is just as bad as getting them.  Should the same consequences apply?  Yes.

Blog Assignment 8 – A good friend asks you to let him/her copy your homework.  You know that this friend was at the ballpark playing all afternoon the day before instead of doing the homework.  What should you do, and what do you tell your friend?  Be sure to add specific details to your answer.