One Semester Down, One More to Go!

It’s hard to believe that we have already finished one semester this year.  We were able to accomplish a lot of things, some of them pleasant, and others not.  I think the thing I liked the best was the “Who Am I?” book report.  It was a lot of fun creating the puzzle and watching it appear.  It was also fun trying to guess who the different people were.  The thing I liked the least was the increase in the amount of paperwork I seem to have this year.  Most of it I think is unnecessary, but just like you guys and girls, I don’t have a choice about doing it or not.

Blog Assignment 7 – What did you like about your first semester in fifth grade, and what didn’t you like?  Give one example for each, and explain why you did or didn’t like it.

Character Trading Card Book Report

Character Trading Card Website  Parents, students are currently reading a fiction AR book for their next book report.  The book report will consist of creating a trading card for one of the characters and taking an AR test on the book.  Your child may complete the trading card at home.  The web site precedes this description.  I will allow a day in class to complete this portion for those students who do not have internet access at home.  If your child completes it at home, please allow him to print 4 copies of the card so that he may keep one, one may be sent to the library, one may be kept in our room, and one may be turned in for a grade.  The only one that needs to have the picture drawn on it is the one turned in for a grade.  However, others may contain pictures, too.  Letters and a form students can fill in so that they have all of the information at hand before completing the card will be coming home next week.  The book report will be due on February 15.

A New Year

Welcome back, guys and girls. It’s hard to imagine that 2008 has really started. I wish I could be there with you during the next two weeks, but I’ll be back soon. Be sure to be nice to Mrs. Franks while I’m gone. This will be a chance for you to become reacquainted!

You know that a lot of people make resolutions or promises to themselves at the beginning of the new year. Usually they involve things like losing weight, studying more, cleaning your room, becoming better organized, etc. My resolution this year is to try to listen more and be kinder to those people I am fortunate to have in “my space.” Too often we lose patience and yell at those people who mean the most to you. I’m really going to try to do better!

I’ll see you soon.

Blog Assignment 6:  If you were going to make a New Year’s resolution, what would it be?  Why would this be a good one for you?