Thanksgiving, a Wonderful Day

Of all the holidays we celebrate in our country, I think Thanksgiving is my favorite.  When I was young, I would have picked Christmas, being the greedy little girl that I was!  However, as I grew older, receiving things didn’t seem to mean as much as it did when I was young. Spending time with my family and friends became more and more important.  Then I began to see all of the things in my life for which I was thankful, things like a pantry full of food, a safe and warm house, those people in my life who are there for me every day, and a little chocolate to get me through stressful days at school!  Thanksgiving was the one time when I could concentrate on those that I love without worrying about whether they were going to like the present that I had bought.  The holiday is all about being thankful for the blessings we have in our lives and appreciating them.  It is a truly wonderful day.

Blog Assignment 5 – What things are you most thankful for?  Do you think we should let the people who mean the most to us know how we feel?  Why or why not?   


When people think of heroes, they usually think of someone who rushes into a burning building, rescues a kidnapped person, or does something equally courageous.  However, these are not the only kinds of heroes.  A hero is someone who does something to help others at an expense to himself or herself.  To me, my mother is a hero. 

My mom was always the one I went to when I needed someone to talk to.  I asked her for advice (even though I didn’t always like what she said or did what she advised), and talked to her when I was feeling confused and frustrated with the way things were going.  She was the one who took care of us when Daddy was out to sea.  She was always strong when it was needed and sympathetic when that was what was needed.

Now, at the age of 76, she has to be her strongest.  My younger sister, Peggy, is suffering from breast cancer that continues to spread throughout her body.  It is now in her bones, brain, and other organs.  She lives with my mom who has become Peg’s primary caregiver.  Mom is the one who cooks for her, makes sure that she takes her medicine, gets her to the doctor, and takes care of the many things that need to be done all day.  In addition, she takes care of the house and all of those things that keep her (Mom) healthy.  Many days she is tired but continues because that is what she feels is her responsibility.  All of these things she does out of love for her child.  For these reasons, I would have to say that my mom is one of the greatest heroes I know.  I only hope that I can live up to the example she has always shown me.

Blog Assignment #4 – Who is your hero?  What has he/she done to make him/her a hero?  Write at least 5 sentences.