In Your Face …. With a Pie?

I’m not sure how many of you were lucky enough to attend the Fall Festival today, but I hope a lot of you did.  I always like to go because it gives me a chance to see students that I haven’t seen for years.  Some of them have graduated high school, and others have even finished college!  It is always a treat for me to see what fine young adults they have become. 

However, that’s not what I want to talk to you about.  Today, Mrs. Bright bravely sat and faced a firing squad of WHIPPED CREAM PIES!  Being the not so brave person that I am, I decided to watch as others took their best shots.  After all, I didn’t want her to remember me throwing a pie at her when she’s the one who evaluates my performance in the classroom.   I saw people hit her in the body, miss her completely, and even “trip” and get the pie right in her face!  I heard from Mrs. Bright herself that even her daughter took a couple of shots.  I have to admit that it made me laugh to see her wipe the whipped cream from her face, and then I thought she was pretty lucky, too, because she could always take a mouthful or two!   

Everyone has visions of being able to hit someone in the face with a pie  for whatever reason he/she might have.  Maybe next time I’ll be on that firing line, too.  Watch out, Mrs. Bright!

Blog Assignment #3

Who would you like to hit in the face with a whipped cream pie and why?  Do you think you would be brave enough to do it if you were allowed? 

Autumn, My Kind of Season

      I really think that autumn is my favorite time of year.  First of all, the weather changes.  It becomes cooler, and it feels so good outside that you want to stay out and do your yardwork.  Leaves change colors, and all of the trees look like someone has splashed paint all over them.  As the leaves fall and carpet the ground, they crunch beneath your feet.  It’s really a neat feeling when you jump into a freshly raked pile of leaves.  I bet that’s what jumping into a big bowl of dry cereal feels like!  When people burn leaves, the air is filled with smoke that stings your eyes and smells so sharp.  Finally Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday of all, is in autumn.  Thanksgiving is such a wonderful day.  The house is filled with good smells, and everyone gets together to talk, laugh, and share time.  You get to eat until you feel ready to burst, filling up on creamy mashed potatoes and delicious pies and cakes.  Then you lounge around in front of the television watching football games.  It doesn’t get any better than that!  That’s why autumn is my kind of season.

BLOG ASSIGNMENT # 2             

Write about your favorite season.  Describe what you like about it and things you do during the season.  Be sure to include sight, sound, hearing, taste, and feeling words.  (I have highlighted some of these in my article.)

Into the Swing of Things

Blog Rubric  Good morning, guys and girls.  I am writing this Saturday morning as Tucker is throwing his dry dog food all over the kitchen floor.  That means I have two jobs to do – one, to let you know what a good job you are doing with your blogs, and two, clean up the kitchen floor!  First of all, you did a very nice job answering the blog question.  The comments you made to each other were also on target.  I will be giving you two things on Monday.  First, you will get a list of all class members in both classes and their numbers.  You are to check off the members as you comment to them.  I want you to comment to everyone at least once before you start doing repeats to the same person (your best friend).  Second, I will give you the rubric I am using to evaluate your blog.  I am also posting it here.  It is a very simple one, and we will go over it Monday before you glue it into your language arts notebook.  I will post a new topic either today or tomorrow.  You will have all of next week to answer it and comment to at least two new people.  By next week, D Class will also be blogging so you will also be able to comment to them.  Be sure to check off to whom you have made  comments, and write the assignment number beside the check.  (Example: 1 or 2; the food assignment is 1)  That way you will know who is left for comments, and I will have a record of your comments as well.  This check list will be turned in to me at the end of the nine weeks.  I hope you are enjoying blogging as much as I am.

**** REMINDER, use your numbers when you comment to people, not your name.  Be on the look out for my comments as well.  I will use my name.

****REMINDER #2, only click on submit one time.  I promise you, I will get it.  Someone sent me the same comment 5 times!

First Blog Ever!

Okay, guys and girls.  Here it is, your first blog assignment to be written on your very own blog.  To make it easier, we will use the questions that we used for our paper blogging.  You should have at least 4 sentences, and they need to be written correctly. 

     Describe your favorite food.  When do you have it?  What does it make you think of?

     After you complete your assignment, click on someone else’s blog and comment on theirs.  Have fun!

Field Trip Information


We will be taking two field trips this winter.  On October 25 we will be visiting the Air and Space Museum.  We will be attending a performance of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe on November 26.  Money for the play ($11) must be paid by October 19.  The money for the Air and Space Museum ($16) is due October 24.  You may pay for both trips by sending in $27 by October 19.  I hope all of our students can attend as these are wonderful educational opportunities.

Oh, No! Not a Book Report!

Podcast Book Report Directions     Well, here it is.  That awful “B” word has arrived in the classroom.  The first book report was assigned and directions have been given.  By this time, all parents should have received the information I sent home about the book report.  It is due (the written script and AR test) on October 9, and consists of three separate things; an AR test, a written script, and a recorded version of the script.  The AR test and recording will be done at school.

       Students have been busily reading their AR fiction books for an entire month.  Now they are going to create their first podcast.  A podcast is an audio file that can be shared through computers or mp3 playing devices.  For this group, the podcast is a book review.  Students have been given a model they can use in the creation of their scripts.  They need to be sure that after it is written they practice reading it.  They want to be able to present it with enthusiasm and familiarity.  All students will record their scripts.  I hope to post them on this blog on a rotational basis so that all can be published.  Be looking for them towards the latter part of the month.  Thank you, parents, for your help in assisting your child. 

And the Blogging Begins (for real) ….

     Good morning, guys and girls.  It is way too early to be up and blogging, but I am so excited I can’t sleep anymore.  Ms. Okoye will be in class today to start paper blogging with you.  This will give you some practice with it before you actually begin with your own blogs.  Remember, as you post comments, you need to be writing in complete sentences and using proper grammar.  These blogs will be an extension of our classroom.  Please remind others of our ground rules. 

     Someone asked if parents or former students could comment on the blog, and the answer is a big YES!  It’s open to everyone who knows how to access it. 

     I am adding the link to Ms. Okoye’s blog concerning the work she is doing in the classroom with Read, Write, and Publish, a project she started last year.  Yes, the name of my blog is a spin-off of hers.

     Get ready to start blogging!