What Have I Done?

Tucker and the Toys     This past summer I willingly invited pain and trouble into my home.  It came as a small, dark brown bundle with sharp teeth.  Yes, it was a puppy, but not just any puppy.  Tucker P. Longfella is a chocolate lab born Easter Sunday on a farm in Suffolk.  He had eleven brothers and sisters, but when I went to get him there were only seven of the puppies still there. 

      He was such a sweet puppy on that ride home.  That probably should have warned me right there.  Within a week, he discovered he liked to chew, not things but people.  He loved to chew your fingers, toes, and earlobes!  In fact, even now he likes to nibble ears.  He has eaten every green pepper produced in my garden, and loves nothing better than to steal green tomatoes and use them as balls to throw around the yard.

     Fortunately, he hasn’t really chewed up many things in the house.  He has eaten one lamp chord and three rolls of toilet paper.  I think the fact that he isn’t left alone is probably the reason why. 

     Would I still have gotten him if I knew that I would be covered with scars and scratches from his teeth and nails?  Of course!

Have you ever gotten something that caused you some trouble, but you felt was worth it?  Write your comments here. 

Great News!

I am so excited!  This morning I met with the language arts technology resource teacher for elementary schools, and she gave me the most wonderful news.  Each fifth grade student will have a blog of his/her own!  They will be able to post their work and comment on each other’s blogs.  Since their blogs will be accessible through my blog, you will be able to read and comment also.  As with my blog, no comment can be posted until it has passed through me first.  The resource teacher will be coming to work with the students on blogging (exactly what it is) very soon.  Before they actually venture into cyberspace, they will be instructed via “paper blogging.”  They will learn not only the essentials of blogging, but also what kind of comments are acceptable and which ones are not.  As one of the students said, “It’s kinda like ‘My Space’ for education,” and he is exactly right.

Hello, blogging.  Watch us write! 

The School Year Begins ….

     Welcome, parents, to the fifth grade.  It’s hard to believe that school has already been in session for two weeks!  We have accomplished a lot, but we still have a very long journey to take.  I look forward to working with both you and your children.

     I have told the students about this blog,  and that it actually will belong to them as well as me.  I will be posting student writing as well as original podcasts.  No one’s work will be posted unless I have received written permission from you, the parents.  These forms should be coming home next week in the VIF’s.  Please know that nothing will be posted with students’ last names; authors will be identified by their first names only.  As a class we have discussed internet safety and why it is so important.  Not even the school will be identified!

     Both you and your child will be able to post to the blog.  I look forward to your comments.  However, they will not be displayed immediately as I will see them first to be assured of their suitability.  Once approved, they will appear on the blog.

     In addition, homework, upcoming events, and reminders about projects that are due will also be posted.  The first project assigned in language class is the creation of a podcast book report.  These are similar to the old timey radio blurbs.  Students have already checked out an AR fiction book that is in their reading range.  Students will create a podcast for the book and take the AR test as well.  Even if you do not wish to have your child’s podcast placed on the blog, he/she will still be creating one to be used in the classroom.  The book should be finished by October 1.  Directions for writing the script will be coming home on September 26.  The finished script will be due on October 8.  The Technology Resource Teachers and I will then be recording them.  If your child finishes the script early, it may come to school and be recorded early as well. 

     M Class will begin working on travel brochures for the seven continents Monday, September 17.  They will include information about the continent that will “sell” it as a vacation spot.  The only thing is, their audience will be fellow Martians!  Students will be working together to create the text, locate appropriate pictures, and develop their brochures.  It should prove to be a fun and interesting project.

     I hope to see all of you at the Open House on Monday, September 17!