Lesson plans to be posted by July 5, 2007 (some are being revised) – 

Day 1 Science = Introduction to Forensic Science:

If you review the lessons plans for both Math and Science, you will see that on Day 1 in Math students are introduced to the crime they will be solving. Here in science, students are introduced to forensic science — by breaking the content up this way, it doesn’t matter which class a student has first (math or science) during the day — the content is related but one lesson is not contingent upon the other, they can stand independently.

Day 1 Science Leson Plan: Intro to Forensic Science

Day 1 Science Supporting Resources:

Day 2 Science = Chromatography Lab:

Day 3 Science = Blood Lab:

Day 4 Science = Fingerprint Lab and Email Translation Activity:

Lesson plan for Email Translation Activity and Fingerprint Lab.

Day 5 Science = Science Wrap-UP (Forensic review, Cyber Crime, etc.)

Teachers were referred to a Virtual Museum of Canada website for reference information. In addition they were given a List of forensics websites. Teachers used a PowerPoint presentation to explain the project Timeline and an Inspiration(R) Crime Investigation Diagram to help students to organize their investigation.  The resource CD teachers received also had a Blood Analysis PowerPoint and a Blood lab worksheet. Teachers were also given Math webquest files to drive a  math instructional sequence to accompany the activity.   

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