Completed lesson plans to be posted by July 5, 2007 — we are revising them right now.

Mathematics Day 1 = Introduction to the Crime:

Introductory Video – Lt. Ezekiel Palumbo takes students on a tour of the crime scene. Used by the teacher to introduce the crime. Note: the students commented that the detective should have been wearing latex gloves so as not to contaminate the crime scene…too funny.

Intro Movie for Middle School

Day One activity Sheet  

Day 1 Mathematics Lesson Plan for Intro to CSI.

Background information on Crime Scene Investigation.

Mathematics Day 2 = Gathering Individual Student Data (head circumference, foot length, height):

Mathematics Day 3 = Introduction to the Graphing Calculator (use dummy data to practice & compile student data into a master class file):

Mathematics Day 4 = Graphing Calculators (class data scatter plots and line of best fit):

Mathematics Day 5 = Graphing Calculators (circle graph of fingerprint data):

Mathematics Day 6 = Solving (completing Detective’s Summary/Final Report):

To pull everything together, have students complete the Detective’s Summary or Portsmouth Crime Unit Final Report.

Mathematics Day 7 = Solving (completing Detective’s Summary/Final Report):

Use this day, if needed, to finish the Final Report and wrap up.

Math lessons for days 2-7 were presented in a webquest format.  The zipped folder below contains all of the webquest files.

 Webquest files

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