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Multiplication Cha-Cha!
From Ms. Freeman: Ms. Freeman’s class is crazy about multiplication. We’ve come up with a unique, fun way to practice our multiplication facts. What other way than to multi-task! Check out the video to watch my students get down with the Cha-Cha (More)
Flipped Classrooms
From Ms. Everts: We are gearing up for some exciting things here at Victory this year! If you have a student in Ms. Roberson’s 3rd grade Reading class, Ms. Everts’ 4th grade Math class, or Mrs. Marshall’s 6th grade Math class, they will take (More)
Work Made Easier with Simple Machines
Ms. Lewis shares: For our simple machines unit, we studied SOL 3.2.  During the unit, the students explored the function and the uses of the six types of simple machines—lever, screw, pulley, wheel and axle, inclined plane, and wedge.  The stu (More)
All Aboard the Freedom Train!
From Ms. Roberson: Third grade recently went on a field trip to Willett Hall to see the play “Freedom Train”. This play told the true story of Harriet Tubman and how she worked on the Underground Railroad to help free slaves. The play laid som (More)
3rd Grade Math Menu Mania!
From Ms. Freeman: This year I started Math work stations in my classroom. I wanted to make it a little more fun and creative for my students so I came up with a Math Menu that reflects an actual restaurant menu. It actually has options such as app (More)
3rd Grade Studies Physical Properties
Third-graders at Victory have been studying the three stages of matter: solid, liquid and gas.  We've been discribing and classifying matter by their physical properties.  Last week, Mr. Trewartha's students investigated the physical properties som (More)

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  2. This is great and TEACH Academy was awesome. I am ready for the new school year to start.

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