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Symbolism and Calligraphy
Personal Work and Post by Megan Webb This year during SOL testing I was the designated hall monitor for most of the day, but still got to teach 2 classes at the end of the day if testing wrapped up. I used my time in the hall to work on some more (More)
Out of This World
Post by Marc Craig Art… the final frontier: These are the voyages of the starship art room. It’s ongoing mission; to explore various aspects of art, to seek out new and innovative artistic expressions of creativity, to boldly go where no artis (More)
The People's Artist
Post by Marc Craig “We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have done.”  Longfellow Born on April 15, 1915 in Washington D.C., Elizabeth Catlett began her interest in art at an early age. “I (More)
Back In the Clay
Post by Melinda Cummings Lakeview Elementary School was lucky enough to get a kiln this year. In order to hone my skills for teaching ceramics, I took a pottery class at Tidewater Visual Arts Center last fall. I did not realize the commitment I wa (More)
Aztec Art
Post by Jesse Boone As most of you know I like to expose students to other cultures through art.  Currently my student studied the Mayan and Aztec Cultures.  Focusing on their achievements such as the calendar, number system and glyphs.  I took (More)
A Knack for Knitting
Post by Shannon Bridgeman, Douglass Park Elem. During the winter of 2014 I found out that my brother was expecting his first child. I was going to be an aunt! Immediately I wanted to do something special for my nephew. I picked up my knitting need (More)
Linnea's Artwork
As tends to be a theme for this blog, time is always an issue; and there never seems to be enough of it. Over the past year I have worked hard to try to carve out small amounts of time to do my own personal art work. One of the changes I have made (More)
Paper Sculptures
Post by Lisa Gardner "PAPER SCULPTURES inspired by the work of Jen Stark" My Art 1 students have been working on a really fun lesson...on (More)
Why Art in School
Why Art in School Jesse Boone at Cradock Middle Sometimes we are asked, “Why should we teach Visual Arts (or for that matter all arts) in schools?” Sometimes we struggle with the right answers, or the answers that will have administrators and (More)
Pop Art Intro
By Bev Gray at Churchland Primary When we returned from the Holiday Break, I introduced our younger students to Andy Warhol & the Pop Art style of art and had them to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr tributes with their designs. The Kindergartners co (More)
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  1. Thanks so much for participating!

    I’ve never blogged before so I’m on a learning curve!

    Will be glad to hear from you!

  2. This is great and TEACH Academy was awesome. I am ready for the new school year to start.

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