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Flipped Classrooms
From Ms. Everts: We are gearing up for some exciting things here at Victory this year! If you have a student in Ms. Roberson’s 3rd grade Reading class, Ms. Everts’ 4th grade Math class, or Mrs. Marshall’s 6th grade Math class, they will take (More)
All Aboard the Freedom Train!
From Ms. Roberson: Third grade recently went on a field trip to Willett Hall to see the play “Freedom Train”. This play told the true story of Harriet Tubman and how she worked on the Underground Railroad to help free slaves. The play laid som (More)
Fifth Grade Introduces Blogging
From Ms. Moore: I have had the opportunity of introducing my students to blogging this school year. A blog is a discussion published on the World Wide Web and consist of entries.  Each one of my students worked on a blog post individually and on (More)

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  1. Thanks so much for participating!

    I’ve never blogged before so I’m on a learning curve!

    Will be glad to hear from you!

  2. This is great and TEACH Academy was awesome. I am ready for the new school year to start.

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