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Helping out with the S.O.L. tests
By Bill Tippit The students at Churchland Middle School are learning more than just observational drawing. These students are also reviewing for their Math S.O.L. test. Mr. Tippit and Ms. Gardner teach students how to draw from direct observation (More)
A Color of His Own
Blog post by Angela Thompson I really enjoy incorporating children’s literature into art lessons.  So, I taught an art lesson based on the book, A Color of His Own, written and illustrated by Leo Lionni.  Below is a link to view the book on Amazon a (More)
New to Douglas Park
By Mandy Herrera       New to Douglas Park and new to elementary…that’s me.  After seven years in the high school setting, this change is wild.  High school art and elementary art are two different worlds with a common core that keeps them togethe (More)
Urban Lettering
by Lisa Gardner One challenge most of us probably face is feeling like we don’t have enough time with our students.  For instance, this year I see my 7th grade classes every third day (once or twice a week).  Since our time is so limited, I try to (More)
Williamsburg Lessons
By Laura Ragan Every year around this time I teach one of my favorite lessons to the fourth graders. It has to do with shops during the colonial times. We talk about daily life and what the colonists may need. Then we discuss the types of shops th (More)
CHS Art Scholars Painting Mural at the Portsmouth Art & Cultural Center
Blog Post by Jean Stith with Jamie Cosumano PACC Art Education Mural Service Project   Mrs. Gayle Paul, Director of the Portsmouth Art and Cultural Center, (More)
Fall Colors - Warm and Cool
  By Eric Baur This year I began by trying something new with the fourth grade. I had seen the (More)
An invasion of mystifying monsters, foul fiends and ghastly ghouls!
Martin Burke October 2013 Just in time for Halloween, my students were tasked with not only showing me their understanding of the illusionary space creating techniqu (More)
Brand Identity Project
Brought to you by: Martin Burke Greetings Art Blog reader! For my latest submission, I wanted to highlight one of my favorite assignments we do in the Graphic Design course. This assignment is one of my favorites because it brings my students as c (More)
Mondrian Project
    Mallory Blog Post on Mondrian Please take (More)
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  1. Thanks so much for participating!

    I’ve never blogged before so I’m on a learning curve!

    Will be glad to hear from you!

  2. This is great and TEACH Academy was awesome. I am ready for the new school year to start.

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