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Blogging Week #4
Here is your task. Take a look at the following image and tell me 1) is it real or photoshop, 2) why you pick real or photoshop, and 3) what do you think of the image itself. More)
All Blocks Blog Week #3
What's wrong with this picture?  What do you think of it, also? Post your initial response by Wednesday and two posts to others by Friday. (More)
Blog Requirements
RULES FOR BEST BLOGGING PRACTICES   Required elements for every blog:  Your first name only and the block number at the end of your first name i.e. John1 *Note: if there are more than one of the same name, use your first name, first initial of yo (More)
Welcome to the "Wanack BlogSpot"
Today is a new day for you! Today, you become a blogger. If you were not already, now is the time to begin a blog comment all for your very own. Before you can be (More)

6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thanks so much for participating!

    I’ve never blogged before so I’m on a learning curve!

    Will be glad to hear from you!

  2. This is great and TEACH Academy was awesome. I am ready for the new school year to start.

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