Day 4 Journal, July 12, 2007

12 07 2007

Greeting Campers!  Well, now, week one is almost over.  I know many of you have had some great experiences already and I know there will be more to come during the next three weeks.  Look forward to meeting some interesting people who are employed in professions directly connected to the weather, oceanography, archeology and engineering!

I can tell from your journals that some of you got more than you expected, but have found the teamwork and activities challenging and interesting.  Let’s take a few minutes to reflect and look forward.  Please comment on the items below and have a great weekend.

  1. What was you most memorable experience in camp this week?  This could be something you learned, something the team accomplished, or even a personal discovery.  Please provide details.
  2. What do you feel was your team’s greatest accomplishment so far?  Information please.  You probably want to talk with the team members before you answer this.
  3. What are your expectations for next week?  Does your team have a plan? If so, what is it? 

Welcome Camp Coral Reef Campers

5 07 2007

Avast ye landlubbers!  Come and join our team as we sesarch for pirate treasure.  Be prepared for sixteen days packed with activity, learning, exploration and most of all FUN!  You’ll get a chance to meet some interesting people who have great jobs working in a variety of fields.  Their jobs could easily become your jobs in the not-so-distant furture.  You’ll learn about weather, navigation, law, public speaking, proposal writing and of course robotics as you plan your search and create your team to recover the lost treasuer of Hades Rage!

Let the adventure begin!  Log in your comments NOW!

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