Day 15 Journal, August 1, 2007

1 08 2007


Only one more day of camp and less than a day left to get your robot ready to go.  I hoep each of you has had some memorable experiences during these four weeks.  I know the teachers have had a terrific time working with each of you.  Sometimes we all got a little stressed, but this was a totally unique wxperience in many ways for all of us.

Let’s take a little time to reflect on the TOTAL experience.  Write a paragraph or two about your time at Camp Coral Reef.  You might want to include the friends you have made, the sikills you have learned, the prize (s) you were able to buy at the auction and general impressinos.  What will you tell family, friends and teachers when they ask you about your time at camp?  Would you encourage other students to come to camps like this during the summer?  If possible would you come to a “next gerneration” camp next summere where you build and expand on your skills that you now have?

Tell everyone what you think!



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