Day 13 Journal, July 30, 2007

30 07 2007

Time is slipping away for some of the teams.  Robots still need some design changes and additional programming.  All of the teams neew to put the final touches on your PowerPoint.  However, the greatest PowerPoint in the world is not worth much unless your robot can perform.

What steps did your team take today to prepare for Thursday’s competition? 

Let’s make a list of these, at least five (5) tasks that you accomplished today as a team.

What personal milestones did you accomplish today?  Please list at least two.



15 responses to “Day 13 Journal, July 30, 2007”

    30 07 2007
      Cameo L. (11:38:05) :     Reply

    Here is what our team accomplished:

    1) Basic powerpoint construction
    2) Path to treasure (program)
    3) Claw construction
    4) Wire attachment on treasure chest
    5) Basic cosmetic powerpoint construction

    And my personal accomplished goals:

    1) powerpoint presentation
    2) basic logo


    30 07 2007
      Michael Hopkins (11:50:08) :     Reply

    We were trying to fit the arm onto the RCX, with little success. We got to the coral reef with a lot of success. We had messed up a few times but we will keep trying. We also got into a couple arguments; But we will try to settle them and try to work together to win the competition.

    30 07 2007
      leamon (11:57:51) :     Reply

    powerpoint design
    talking points

    I didn’t get over any milestones and I’m tired of all these teachers jumping on my back every time something goes wrong. They don’t understand I don’t take LEGOS so serious to the point where I’m going to freak out if it goes wrong. They say I’m smart but I don’t apply myself to the work. IT’S CAMP I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DOING WORK. But anywho we got some laughs in but i was supposed to be working on the robot so i can’t do that anymore and we only get a 10 MINUTE BREAK so we can’t talk much. I thought camp was about having fun. Well I’m not

    30 07 2007
      keyiara (11:58:42) :     Reply

    today our yeam was working on the adjusten on the bot with the grabber. we also had to make sure that the grab had support so we add more. we run throught the map a lot. we also had to take the group photo. we also add the wings and eyes.

    30 07 2007
      Laurel (11:59:15) :     Reply

    Today was horrible!! We got alot of laughs in with Nyjah but we barley got any work done I don’t want to think ablout Tuesday or Wensday!! My program kept deleting itself and I got stuck trying to do it over again. It was alright though we got together at the end. We didn’t accomplish much but we accomplished laughing and talking (more like gossiping). Nick wasn’t here so we decided to take our team picture tommorow. Building was horrible we are NOT going to be done in time unless we really strart working together and somone starts helping me with programing. 🙁

    30 07 2007
      Adante (12:00:58) :     Reply

    we accomplished building the claw,also we finished our power point,then we completed getting to the treasure chest

    30 07 2007
      Nyjah (12:01:13) :     Reply

    1. Russell worked on the program for the robot mission
    2. I worked on the Powerpoint
    3. Brandi and I worked on the arm
    4. Managed to break the arm
    5. I worked on the powepoint
    6. Brandi and Russell found another way to make another one
    7. Finished with the backgrounds

    30 07 2007
      samantha (12:01:42) :     Reply

    i worked on finishing the powerpoint and i am almost done with. Are team was working well with putting the robot together.we are almost done with putting the finishing touches on are robot arms. Are team is working now working on the programing to get the robot to got thru the couse. i believe that are team have a well chance at winning the mission.

    30 07 2007
      Brandi (12:01:58) :     Reply

    we had a few arguments but we got though it . Nijah worked on the powerpoint , and russel, michael, Brandi worked on the robot.

    30 07 2007
      Bianca Perez (12:03:43) :     Reply

    1.Fixed programing
    2.Finished powerpoint
    3.Printed out notes for speaker
    5.Made robot

    30 07 2007
      Tiffany Renee (12:03:59) :     Reply

    We worked towards our goal by wrapping up the powerpoint, finding a new background, fixing some tweaks in the program, rebuilding the robot, and adding the claws to our robot.

    My personal accomplishments for today was pretty much finishing the powerpoint and not being too ‘silly’ today.

    30 07 2007
      Russell Jones (12:04:16) :     Reply

    Fist we started to run the progrm to see what it would do because we just came from a week of fun. Then it was going great until the programer needed a peice to build the robot. then it broke and every thing came apart. Then I got really frustrated and mad. Then brad helped me fix it because the wheel wasn’t working. Then we had an argument about who broke the Gripper. Brandi made me broke it because she syaryed yelling at me saying stop doing this stop doing that it’s confusing and it causes stress. by

    30 07 2007
      Adante (12:05:06) :     Reply

    these are my other two accomplishment getting our group picture,building support for our claw

    30 07 2007
      brad (12:05:26) :     Reply

    today,we accomplished building the claw for the robot,building the supports for the claw,the program of moving toward the treasure chest,and the powerpoint,we have also taken all of the needed pictures of our teamates and our robot

    two of the personal milestones i completed today was assissting the other with replicating our claw,and completing the construction of our claw.

    today our team completed the powerpoint and getting all of the pictures we need uploaded to the computer.

    31 07 2007
      Kamaria Clark (12:07:49) :     Reply

    1. we got the motors to slow down
    2. made suggestions on the program which i really think helped
    3. thought of what we would do with the extra money
    4. what we would do if we won with the extra MP4
    5. had fun and got through the program
    Kamaria Clark

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