Day 12 Journal, July 26, 2007

30 07 2007

Sorry about Thursday’s technical difficulties, but I understand that those of you who were here went with an alternate plan.  Please place what you wrote on Thursday in as a comment for this journal.

REMEMBER — Pay close attention to correct spelling and grammar.  You need to answer completely.

If you prefer, you may respond to this item that was intended for Thursday.  You will receive credit for either one for Thursday’s jounral.

Explain how the Dive & Drive works and what uses it has.  Would this be a good device to use on your recovery mission?  Why or why not?  Explain in at least 4 sentences.



10 responses to “Day 12 Journal, July 26, 2007”

    30 07 2007
      Brandi (11:47:17) :     Reply

    We have had a good time working on the robot I put the helment on and it was cool.

    30 07 2007
      Cameo L. (11:50:31) :     Reply

    Today, we got to see and try on scuba gear! It was super cool and I learned a lot. I thought the scuba helmet was cool, but it was really heay. The rest of the day was spent working on our powerpoint. I don’t know what dive and drive is, it wasn’t explained.


    30 07 2007
      samantha (11:53:24) :     Reply

    today was really fun. im glad I tried on teh helmet and got onthe bus. i had learned alot about the divers and there life. are team worked hard on the robot today.i think we should have worked a bit better than we should have.i’ve seen some of the other team work on there robots and they are all doing good.

    30 07 2007
      keyiara (11:54:27) :     Reply

    last thursday gruest speaker and active was very cool. we got to goout and see what they rode out on. we also had got to try on the hemlets and to talk to the people on the bus. we got to see all the old stuff they use. divers would be most important for the job.

    30 07 2007
      Tiffany Renee (11:56:20) :     Reply

    Today was, by far, my favorite! I had gotten to go and put on a divers helmet! I think they put something in that air they had in the helmet; it made me loopier than normal. I also had gotten to be the display , in that being , I was the only one to wear the ‘toilet bowl’. It kinda hurt my nose a bit though. Mr. Ross, the first time I took off the helmet, scared the mess outta’ me he had said, “Your mascara is messed up looks liek you got in a fight today…” I was about to die! >.

    30 07 2007
      Nyjah (11:56:35) :     Reply

    Today was very interesting and hot. We saw all the equipment that Navy Divers use and Mr. Parks came back. I dont won’t to do that as a living. Its not that fun if you ask me. But it was an experience. The Drive and Dive is used for Diving trips. It is like a moving submarine. It is a good device to accompany us on our mission.

    30 07 2007
      Kamaria Clark (11:57:29) :     Reply

    Today was nice, but very, very hot. when i saw the helments i told myself i could not do it, but after trying it on it was okay. i think that there job seems pretty cool,but i cant do it because of mt sickness of sea (i have no idea why i have it though). after seeing some of the equipment they have to learn how to use, i see see that the job does have its moments were you have to actually learn (not to sound rude)

    30 07 2007
      Bianca Perez (11:58:23) :     Reply

    We saw the Navy Divers and evryone got to try on the helement. They dive for the Navy to recover things from under the sea. There are lots of different looking equipment they use too, but notthing really we could use for our mission. We are using a robot and their equipment is for divers.

    30 07 2007
      Michael Hopkins (11:59:00) :     Reply

    We had divers come today. They showed us their equipment and their command center. We got to put on the helmets the divers wear. It was really heavy but it was neat trying them on. The RV they drive can produce hot water, electricity, and tons of other stuff in the van. All of that equipment on the RV would help us very dearly with recovering the treasure. We could provide electricity and monitor the robot and where it goes.

    30 07 2007
      Calvin Thompson (12:04:41) :     Reply

    I really had a great time with big Blue it was loud an the things inside was cool also. There was a strong mangnite called the bear claw the only way to pull it up is to slid it of and then pull it up. The part I really like is when I put on that big helmut an this thig called the snoopy. The reason they called it the snoopy was from a old cartoon.

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