Day 11 Journal, July 25, 2007

25 07 2007

Good morning Camp Coral Reef!!

Well, you had some exciting visitors today.  I hope you learned a lot from the divers.  I know they were very excited about coming to speak to you today.  Let’s hear what you learned from them today.

In a paragraph (5-7 sentence minimum) detail some of the facts you learned about their profession, their educational background, and what their job entails on a daily basis.  Please include reasons for why or why not you would include one of these guys on your recovery team.

See you soon!




19 responses to “Day 11 Journal, July 25, 2007”

    25 07 2007
      Brandi (11:44:06) :     Reply

    I have had a good time here I have finally completed the claw it was really streased out but I finshed it .

    25 07 2007
      Brandi (11:49:07) :     Reply

    The flying Dutch Means crew are geting there. The speakers talked about the montier and that you can be 17years old to be a naval sea diver.

    25 07 2007
      Laurel (11:52:21) :     Reply

    Hello :)!!! They were very informational and I learned alot from them. I found out humans can dive up to 1000 feeet under saturation diving. That’s when they are put into very high presure. Carl is one I’d like to take. He dived to 300 feet! He also can fix minor malfunctions with the exoskeleton of the ship in the water. Pete is nice two but he says that he doesn’t dive much. He showed us a powerpoint on the ship and how he helped them retrive the terite. Today was great I even got a little further with the program for the final project.

    25 07 2007
      Cameo L. (11:52:36) :     Reply

    I learned A LOT today. We were taught about two different types of diving, saturated and mixed gas. Saturated diving involves living underwater, you can stay under a lot longer and you can get more work done. Mixed gas you just go down and you only have 35 minutes to complete your work. We also learned about the bends, which is when you don’t work the nitrogen out of your system by decompressing. This can kill you, so you have to be super careful.

    I liked talking to them!


    25 07 2007
      Michael Hopkins (11:55:07) :     Reply

    We had divers come in today and talk about their profession. I learned that navy divers can go really deep. They have to go to the navy academy to train before they can acutually dive. There are two kinds of navy divers; mixed- gas divers and saturation divers. Mixed- Gas divers can only stay underwater for 35 miniutes; Saturation can stay underwater for 3 weeks. Saturation divers can dive to 1000 ft They go down in a pressure chamber to the bottom of the ocean floor. They sleep and eat in the pressure chamber. That’s all for now.

    25 07 2007
      Russell Jones (11:55:40) :     Reply

    Today I leaned more about the moniter wich Pete LeHardy talked about. He talked after LCDR Carl Parks a navy diver. Today he talked about how youbecom a diver. Pete LeHardy talked about the spider the saturated diving and mixed gas diving. He gave us a ship to rip out of a cardbourd like structure. He siad you could go one-thousand feet with sacturated gas. When you come up you have to breath to prevent your ears from popping and that herts. That is all I remember from this morning goodby.

    25 07 2007
      leamon (11:56:19) :     Reply

    In a paragraph (5-7 sentence minimum) detail some of the facts you learned about their profession, their educational background, and what their job entails on a daily basis. Please include reasons for why or why not you would include one of these guys on your recovery team.

    First off naval training is tough. They also do 2 types of diving Mixed and Saturated. Mixed is a quick dive up to 35 minutes per dive. Saturated is when divers live in a tank for up to 2 to 3 weeks. One of the divers actually dove in the antarctic. I would take Mr. Parks because he seemed to be more experienced.

    Well Bye 🙂

    25 07 2007
      keyiara (11:57:18) :     Reply

    we learn today from the divers the divers is their are many different types of diving skills. one i never heard of is saturation diving its very danger. you must work well with others to do this,because u be with them for a learst three weeks. i also learm that u must study the area before u go down.also the people on the monter that died were in the turt.

    25 07 2007
      Khairi Shareiff (11:57:35) :     Reply

    They are both in the navy. Pete went to a diving Academy. So did Carl. Somet- imes have to stay in a box for 3 weeks. I learned about Saturation Diving.That in air ther’s 80% of nitrogen in air.
    Today was alot better than yesterday, Although I left my data base at my house. My team-mates let me make a design. It looks sweet.

    25 07 2007
      Kendall (11:57:50) :     Reply

    Today I learned about Naval divers from Mr.Carl Parks and Mr.Pete LeHardy. They told us about mixed gas divers and satuary divers.Mixed gas divers can not go as deep as satuary divers and can stay underwater only for 35 minutes.When they come up it is a 2-hour decompression system.Satuary divers stay down about 5 hours and when they come up they basically live in a decompression chamber.They do this for about three weeks.That is what I learned about divers.Kendall out.

    25 07 2007
      Bianca Perez (11:58:21) :     Reply

    Today was actually pretty okay. We had two visitors that seemed pretty cool. Carl Parks was in the Navy and Peter LeHardy was in the Navy Reserves. Both were divers, but one was a mixed gas diver while the other was able to saturate dive. Mixed Gas Divers can only be down there for 35 minutes and have to go back up for 2 hours or some to depressurise themselves. Sanuarte Divers can stay under water for hours on end. Also, they can live in that enoviroment by working down there for hours and then coming back and living in a pressured tube. Truthfully you only need to finish high school to come one of those divers, but most go to college since there is a lot of math and science involved. We might take them with us, so they could help by arranging our scoper to easily grab the treasure by diving in there. Today was a pretty good day and I think we might just win.

    Bianca Perez

    25 07 2007
      brad (11:59:17) :     Reply

    i learned many things about the divers that came and visited us today.i learned that the divers of the pheonix international and the navy salvage companies work together alot of the time.also,i saw that there are many kinds if diving,(ex. scuba diving,rec diving,and saturation diving).i found out that saturationd divers can dive down to 1000 feet underwater,scuba divers can dive down to about 120 feet,and mixed gas divers can dive down to about 240 feet.

    i think that we should use either one of the divers on our team.i say that because he will be able to dive down to the treasure chest,hook the claw around or onto the chest,then give us the signal or tell us to pull the chest back up to the robot.

    25 07 2007
      Adante (11:59:50) :     Reply

    ilearned about things that you have to do to become a diver,then i learned that Carl Parks & Pete LeHardy came from the navy salvage and the pheonix international,also they talked about the different water depths then been to
    under water, then Pete LeHardy and his friend went down to the U.S.S Moniter
    to move the sand away from turret to let the spider pick it up

    25 07 2007
      Nyjah (12:01:31) :     Reply

    😮 Today Lutinant Commander Carl Parks and Pete LaHardy came to talk to us. THey are Navy Divors. Parks is an EDO( Engineer Duty Officer) or Navy Officer and Pete is a Navy Reserve (Backup) who works at Phoenix International. THey are both Navy Acadamy Graduates. To obtain this job you need to be good at working together, diving background, adventorous spirit, and amplitude for claustrophobia. Pete went on the Monitor Expediton in 2002. He showed us clips about the expedition. I think they will be important to carry on our expidition because they can dive down on the coral reef. Cant wait for them to come again tomorrow

    Your Friend
    😉 Nyjah

    25 07 2007
      Calvin Thompson (12:02:57) :     Reply

    The speakers where great Mr.Carl Parks and Mr.Pete LeHardy was really good speakers.Mr.Carl was the real funny one.Mr.Pete was the once in every sentence funny and I really enjoy them coming to class to show us the slids and I enjoy them and there time with them and I’m glad thay are coming back tomorror to show us the things they used on the recovery effort with the Monitor remains. The most thing I mite have learnd about was them trainining to dive an what it took to become a diver. The class was good and I ask a lot of question don’t know why

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