Day 10 Journal, July 24, 2007

24 07 2007

Hi Campers,

it’s now time to really tell about your project and your robot activities.  In a paragraph (3-5 sentence minimum) tell us how your team is progressing with robot construction.  What tasks have you successfully learned to program?  How well is the team working together now as opposed to the early days of camp?  What are your chances of being the winning team?  How are you going to accomplish this winning endeavor?

Remember to check your spelling and to use complete sentences, please.

Go for it!



16 responses to “Day 10 Journal, July 24, 2007”

    24 07 2007
      Nyjah (11:50:12) :     Reply

    ;0 My group was working on the robot and programming while I was working on Arc Map and the powerpoint. When I was doing Arc Map I finished all the maps for the powerpoint. I also got finished with 3 slides of the powerpoint. Using Arc Map is a fun experience, I would like to do it again. 😉

    Your Friend
    🙂 Nyjah

    24 07 2007
      Khairi Shareiff (11:50:54) :     Reply

    This day was a disaster. They didn’t let me do anything. They are starting get on my nerves. They never listen to my ideas. Calvin wasn’t even working, he was flirting with Samantha. Bianca didn’t let me do anything. The only thing I could do was clean up there mess. This isn’t really that fun anymore.

    24 07 2007
      Michael Hopkins (11:51:59) :     Reply

    We got a lot done today. We are starting to build the arm for the project today We got most of it done. And we did great on the success board. We accompliishes a lot of good programs. Like waiting for dark to turn and stop. We are working together better than when we started. We will work together to win the competition and recover the treasure

    24 07 2007
      samantha (11:52:18) :     Reply

    Are team is working very well together with listening to what we all have to say. We have already have started to get are robot to go throu the course. i think ar eteam does have good chance at winning becuase we all do are parts some are working on the robot more than the progam while the others are working on the program sine one of us might now more than the one part with th ebuliding and programing. tho we all work well at what we are doing with are roles. we work well together we listen and we all are haveing fun which is the most importan thing that we can do as a team with are robot.

    24 07 2007
      leamon (11:53:12) :     Reply

    tell us how your team is progressing with robot construction. What tasks have you successfully learned to program? How well is the team working together now as opposed to the early days of camp? What are your chances of being the winning team? How are you going to accomplish this winning endeavor?

    We are progressing well with the construction. we have learned to well I really haven’t succesfully done any programs. I think my team is working well but I’m at the point where I hate to say it but don’t really care about the program any more. I think are chances are very low of being the winning team and not because we’re not the best team but i’m not a team player
    and never have been and its for me to WORK with people more than to TALK with people and now I feel that the pressure is on because we present next week. Now i feel like I haven’t contributed to the teamat all. now as far as the winning endeavor I don’t even have a clue

    But we’ll talk tommorow

    24 07 2007
      Tiffany Renee (11:53:30) :     Reply

    Honestly, today I could not tell you what has progressed in the robot because I was working on ArcMap all day. I assume that the robot has progressed well. The programming, I know, is becoming really difficult- even frustrating. We have learning how to sucessfully programmed alot, like ninety degree angles and such. Th team, i feel is working worse and better. Its working better because we can get farther but worse because there is more bickering (sp?) and it is due to us being stuck together for four hours a day four days a week, we’re growing tired of eachother. The friends that we do know we can’t talk to because even at snack time we HAVE to sit with our teams; its quite rediculous! Our chances of becoming the winning team are just as fair as anyone elses, I guess. How we accomplish this winning endevor is a secret! So, I can’t tell you, its top secret stuff.
    Tiffany Renee

    24 07 2007
      Russell Jones (11:53:45) :     Reply

    Today I learned how to do more stuff with the robot and and to program it with the seconds and the sencor. I learned how to do the perimeter with somthing new with the up and down arrows. The team is working really well with each other and others around them. I’ts very close because the other teams are having a little bit difficulties with the robots . We are going to accomplish it with team work help from our teachers.

    24 07 2007
      Bianca Perez (11:54:00) :     Reply

    Today was the start of the competition of the robots. It was not one of my team’s better days. We need to learn how to stay on task and we weren’t doing to well on it. I will just say it was a bad day and tomorrow will be better. I have learned several programs my team will be using. The light censor is one we will probably use to stay out of the reef. I think If my team works hard enough as well as me also we could definatlly be the winning team. The best way we could would be to work together and try our best. Let the games begin!

    Bianca Perez♥

    24 07 2007
      Kendall (11:54:17) :     Reply

    Today when I did the robot programming I learned how to make the robot follow a black line, make it loop and and make the robot make a black line and turn around.Back when we first started we were shy but we get along perfectly now.So far I think that my team has a good chance of winning because we get along very well.If we keep on working like this we will win for sure!Kendall out.

    24 07 2007
      keyiara (11:54:37) :     Reply

    today our group did today was start on the program on the challenge. we started on the planen on the graber and the way we build the robet.we was going to ues the tank bot. we also use the wrings on the bot. sam start on the power point today.we had some mini problems on how the grab should be. our team is still pulling stronge on team. we have a big chance to win becaues we have some much strength in team work that we will win.:->

    24 07 2007
      Cameo L. (11:55:58) :     Reply

    Well, today we made a lot of progress. Our mini-missions are all complete, which means we have the rest of the time to plan our presentation, robot, and treasure route. I have no doubt that we will win the competition (and the Mp4’s ). Our powerpoint is still in its skeletal form and our robot fell apart because I dropped it. (Sorry team!) Tomorrow Rob, our robot, will need major reconstructive surgery.

    I think our team works a lot better that before, even though we only have three members. I know that we trust each other and hardly ever fight or argue.

    Well, that’s it! Tootles!

    24 07 2007
      brad (11:56:15) :     Reply

    my team is doing very well with the progress of building and programming our robot. We are almost complete with programming our robot to make it to the treasure this point we have decided we our going to build our own version of the claw that will pick up,carry,and drop the treasure.we have also decided that since the tank treads drift less and move faster,we will be using them.

    we have completed all of the mini challenges and challenges of building and programming the robot,so we can now use the robot freely.

    My team is starting to share,comment,and judge on our own and others ideas.

    I think that the psycho ninja fish have a great chance of winning.

    To win,we will do our best!

    24 07 2007
      Laurel (11:56:31) :     Reply

    Well, I was out yesterday and I from what I can tell we were not the best group in working together and it was hard. We didn’t get alot done (to me) but i’m sure we will get it together. 🙂 We are pretty sure about the construction of the robot but we need to disscus it more to be sure. It was hectic but we managed to start programing it. We are more used to eachother so I think that makes us want to give our opinions. I think once we get together we can do it we all have different strengths.

    24 07 2007
      Calvin Thompson (11:56:46) :     Reply

    Today was a good day and I love it. The thing I really love the way we had to make the robot in our own eyes. The big problem to get the robot to hold the claw up some people put the claw ontop of the robot and some put it on the back. Then we was that we can use our and way to build the robot then just the book. After that the problem went away a little bit at a time and then it was gone. Then another one jumped out of no were but it was gone in notime all because of team work.

    24 07 2007
      Kamaria Clark (12:01:30) :     Reply

    our team is doing a great job considering we are rebuilding the robot to put on new wheels, in the past week our wheels have been starting to drift and that has been hurting us badly in time. with these new wheels we will see if they work first or if it was just one of the motors or if we just need some new batteries, and began to finish the program we are starting to build for the final project. i have successfully program the robot to make a S. we are actually talking more than we did in the beginning of the camp, and working more together than seperated. i think that with all of our skills we can win those MP4s. i think that we will accomplish this winning endeavor by working together and doing our best, because other than that there is nothing more that a team can do.
    Kamaria Clark

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