Day 9 Journal, July 23, 2007

23 07 2007

Hi everyone!

I hope your team got things rolling in good form today.  How are you coming with your team PowerPoint presentation?  Please answer the following questions for today’s journal.

  1. What part of the PowerPoint are you responsible for ?  That is, which pieces of information are you supposed to research, create, find, and write? 
  2. What progress have you made in your assignment?  Please explain.
  3. Did you locate any pictures or graphics to support your informaton? 
  4. Did your team take pictures and save them to add to your presentation?

REMEMBER-The person who is creating the final PowerPoint is NOT responsible for finding all of the informaton.  His/Her responsibility is to assemble the material that each of you has found and recorded.  Some work should be done on this every day.



17 responses to “Day 9 Journal, July 23, 2007”

    23 07 2007
      Michael Hopkins (11:47:31) :     Reply

    We got started on the PowerPoint today. Nyjah is constructing the PowerPoint; I am speaking when we present it; And Russell is telling the people about the construction of the robot. We might put a video on the presentation. We have pictures for the presentation.

    23 07 2007
      leamon (11:48:05) :     Reply

    today I tried to program but I pretty much failed 🙁
    I’m responsible for maps, robot presentation and some other stuff I can’t remember
    I finished one program (stop w/ a touch sensor and turn w/ a touch sensor) I still don’t think i did good. tiffany was doing the power point for the presentation so I didn’t do much web searching due to the programming. We didn’t take pictures
    Well bye

    23 07 2007
      samantha (11:52:45) :     Reply

    im responsible for making the main powerpoint and im doing the title the engirneers and personal researcher and then i am doing the sources at the end. keyiara and i are doing the talking. i haven’t made to much yet just besides the who’s doing what thing but i’ll work on it at my house. no not yet for the picture and yes i have somepictures of the team and i would like to make them better and have a group one for the title. well that’s what i did today and i hope to do more tomorrow.

    23 07 2007
      keyiara (11:53:03) :     Reply

    am responiblie for speeking,info on environmental dangers,and conclusion. am going write notes on the speaking part and find info on the environmental danger and read all the info and sum it up.
    ive all ready start looking for the danger in the coral reefs.
    yes i find sum picture of damage reefs

    23 07 2007
      Bianca Perez (11:53:20) :     Reply

    I am susposed to research some of the robot and who is going on our recovery of the treasure in the powerpoint. We are on activity 8 in my group. Brandi droped our battery so we didn’t finish. I like collapsed cause I couldn’t figure out the program. It was funny though so I was okay with it. We have taken picture for the powerpoint for the past 2 weeks. We even found some of the coral reef on the internet. Today was stressful, but fun.

    Bianca Perez

    23 07 2007
      Tiffany Renee (11:53:54) :     Reply

    For our team presentation we are coming along quite peachy.
    I am responsible for the full writing and partial speaking portions.
    I am reaseaching who we want on our recovery team, I am working on the piture slides, and the conclusion.
    In working in robots we have not gotten very far, it was quite frustrating but in the ppt ‘we have gotten off the ground.’
    So far, we have not gotten far enough to dig for pictures and graphics for our presentation.
    Earlier in the weeks we did take pictures to add for our presentation.

    23 07 2007
      Adante (11:54:09) :     Reply

    the robot,weather and time,1851 map “X” marks the spot help building the robot,robot design & construction, not yet but i’m working on it now, no were working on geting pics

    23 07 2007
      Khairi (11:54:33) :     Reply

    Being the leader is my role. We are on the eigth project. Nope, not really. We haven’t gotten that far. I also want to admit being the one responsible what was said to be what Leamon said. I do apologize. Sorry Leamon.

    23 07 2007
      Nyjah (11:54:48) :     Reply

    ;O I am responsible for making the powerpoint and making sure the enviromental dangers information gets put inside of it. MIchael is helping me find some information to. We have done 3 slides so far thanks to Tiffany. We have not been able to find any pictures at the moment but we will in the near future. We didnt take any pictures, I think it was because Ms. Baun wasn’t here today. But tomorrow we are aiming for alot. Waiting for tomorrow and what is to be expected!

    Your Friend
    😉 Nyjah

    23 07 2007
      Russell Jones (11:55:11) :     Reply

    I don’t know how the powerpoint is going because I was in the other room doing the perimeter. I bet it’s going along great. I am responsible for the presenting of the robot and telling about it and explaining the functions. Today I was the programmer I learned more stuff about it. No because, I was trying to figure out the ninety degree turn and the perimeter. NO Because we didin’t take any pictures because Mrs baun wasn’t here with the camers that’s what Ithink I don’t know. that’s all the questions

    23 07 2007
      Kamaria Clark (11:55:49) :     Reply

    HELLO!!! i am responsible for the weather and for the maps, and i also have a big role in helping to site our sources (since i know a website that will just site it for me) well as far as the powerpoint goes we didnt really start on that unfortunately we were having some minor technical difficulties with the robot today so we had program it not over exactly but pretty much so. no not yet because we didnt really use the computers much today and i think that since we did most of the robot activity today that i might suggest that we have someone building the robot, someone programming the robot, and get someone to start their research for the powerpoint so that we can get a headstart on that. and lastly today we did not get the cameras (i have no idea why) but we did not get them.
    Kamaria Clark

    23 07 2007
      Kendall (11:56:11) :     Reply

    So far we are coming along pretty well on the powerpoint planning.I am going to talk about the robot and I am going to explain the powerpoint presentation with Cameo.We need to research about the people going along with us and when we will make the voyage.I will have to tell how the robot will get the treasure.So far we kind of made progress because we know what to look for.We do not have pictures yet.We did take pictures but I don’t know if They are going on the presentations.

    23 07 2007
      brad (11:59:08) :     Reply

    I am responsible for the august and september hurricane map slides,i will recreate and provide the picture of the hurricanes that webt over the dominican republic during august and september of 1851.
    I am also partially responsible for design and construction slide of the powerpoint.I will explain the design of my teams robot and how we built it.I will also give reasons to the judges for why they should choose our robot as the one who will be sent on the mission to find and bring back back the treasure.

    The progress of our robot is going great,though we are a little behind in the powerpoint and the oral presentation.We have nearly completed the robot programming and basic design,we have not been able to construct the claw at this point,though we have ideas to how we will.

    Yes,we have located some pictures of corsl and the coral reef that they live in.

    yes,we do have some pictures of our team members,but not many.

    23 07 2007
      Nick (11:59:42) :     Reply

    Today My friends and i got a lot acomplished. One of my teammates were gone but we stilll tried to get our done. Me and Lemon worked on the robot while Tiffany worked on her part of the powerpoint.

    23 07 2007
      Cameo L. (12:03:41) :     Reply

    I am responsible for the final presentation, and putting it together.

    None, really we worked on robots all day today.

    No, we didn’t have time

    No, we didn’t have time


    24 07 2007
      Brandi (11:47:01) :     Reply

    Our team is called the Flying ducths means crew Today we are finishing the robot. We had a few arguments but we worked through it.

    24 07 2007
      Brandi (11:49:55) :     Reply

    I am excited to be here I can not what until we can start to do the challenge at the end of the program.

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