Day 8 Journal, July 19, 2007

19 07 2007

Hi again, campers,

Well, you certainly had a full day today and as well as a full week.  I hope your team is on track for success.  Remember the portaportal guest login is CoralReef.  Sorry I goofed earlier.

Now let’s hear from you on today’s guest speaker.  What interesting things about weather and meteorology that you did not know before did you learn from Jeremy Wheeler?  Would you need to take him or someone in his profession for your project team?  Why or why not.  Give some specific details, please.

Have a good weekend.  See you tomorrow!




21 responses to “Day 8 Journal, July 19, 2007”

    19 07 2007
      Bianca Perez (11:49:17) :     Reply

    I learned a lot today from the guest speaker. He showed us how a tornado was made and how people find out when a tornado is in the process. He can tell us the weather and best time to go get the treasure, but he isn’t needed for the voyage.He can just tell us the weather in advance and we can go and get the treasure. Today was lots of fun.

    Bianca Perez.

    19 07 2007
      Michael Hopkins (11:52:29) :     Reply

    I learned a lot from Jeremy Wheeler today. He talked about hurricanes and some stuff about tornadoes. I learned that tornadoes are come during some thunderstorms. He would also be great for our Dominican Republic trip. He can help us predict the best time to dive.

    19 07 2007
      Nicholas (11:53:31) :     Reply

    The speaker told us alot about tornadoes an hurricanes

    19 07 2007
      Tiffany Renee (11:54:06) :     Reply

    I didn’t really learn something about weather persay I learned the name of some tools meterologists use. Yes, I would take him or someone in his profession on my team. I would do so because it would be nice to know what type of weather would be coming up for our mission. Like if a storm would come up we would know not to go out diving.

    19 07 2007
      keyiara (11:54:22) :     Reply

    the whole week was good today. the just speaker was cool. i really like him.i learn that when two. i twister combine they make i new one that i never knew. i would probably take him with me sence it is hurricane season and i need to now what was coming. he would be very helpful. :->

    19 07 2007
      Khairi Shareiff (11:54:57) :     Reply

    I learned that it’s good for hurrican to come because they hold heat and take it to the north. No because he works with weather. That wouldn’t work with

    19 07 2007
      Brandi (11:55:31) :     Reply

    Hi it is Brandi we say and met jeremey wheller and he talked about tornadoes etc. I have had a good time her about Typhons and all of that I have alot of fun

    19 07 2007
      Nyjah (11:56:14) :     Reply

    :0 James Wheeler was very interesting today. He told us some important facts about Katrina and Isabel that we didnt know before. He also told us about the way a hurricane starts and how strong it can be. Tornadoes can be pretty strong to. I think he will be a good person to take on our trip because he can tell us when a storm is coming and the things that are happening in the sky and water that we need to know about. He also told us about that Typhons. His job sounds pretty interesting but you have to go to school for a while studying science. 😉

    Your Friend,

    19 07 2007
      Adante (11:56:34) :     Reply

    I didn’t know about some a the hurricanes and tornados before he talked to us i don’t know yet because we haven’t seen the other speakers

    19 07 2007
      brad (11:57:57) :     Reply

    its ok that u goofed earlier ms.williford,

    i learned that tornados form by opposing winds fusing after rubbing up against the other direction of wind

    i would say that we would need him or someone in his proffesion to accompany us on our journey,because he can forewarn us on the information we will need to know about the weather(mainly our surroundings).

    19 07 2007
      Kendall (11:58:12) :     Reply

    Today when Jeremy Wheeler came in it solved a lot of my questions about how certain storms are formed such as tornadoes and hurricanes.On the voyage I would what someone like him to consult us on how the weather would be.It would help us because a storm would make it difficult to get the treasure.

    19 07 2007
      samantha (11:58:28) :     Reply

    he was very interesting with what he was saying about the weather. he would be good for the team so we would know when it would be a good time to go out to get the treasure.i also learned how some of the thing happen like tornado’s foarm and with hurricane’s and how the see them coming.

    19 07 2007
      Laurel (11:58:48) :     Reply

    Today was great we are finally start on our final project. I learned about how tornados were made, what were the biggest ones, and how to try to avoid them. I also learned about hurricanes and how much they are like tornados at sea. I wouldn’t bring him though, I was hoping that the proffesionals that my team and I would bring would be more attached to the ocean or a proffesional that was local. But anyways…. Bye!!! 🙂

    19 07 2007
      Cameo L. (11:59:06) :     Reply

    I learned a lot about hurricanes today, mostly about how much damage they can do and how they start. I also learned that people are trying to prevent hurricanes, which is a bad idea because hurricanes and other storms are needed in the proper cycle of life.

    Yes, he knows the patterns, effects, predictions, and tell-tale signs of a wide variety of storms. I would take him on the voyage with us.

    19 07 2007
      leamon (11:59:22) :     Reply

    today was great
    The Meteoroligist talked about tornadoes and all that good stuff. Actually I never knew anything about them so it was a learning experiance. I would take him on my journey because he could take his advanced stuff and tell us if we were in danger.

    19 07 2007
      Kamaria Clark (11:59:47) :     Reply

    Lets see, today our speaker told us a lot about tornadoes and hurricanes, and a lot on how they are formed and what happens when they read the radar tower and i learned again from Mr. Wheeler about the green screen, he says that it isnt as fun as it seems but i think that learning hand/eye coordination and i think that is good when giving a good speach ~especially when you have a powerpoint presentation~. i think that him or someone in his profession would be great on our team, but in the speaking of bringing him on the boat i wouldnt really bring him with us, but we would definitely talk to him almost everyday on and before the trip to make sure that our trip will be successful as possible.
    Kamaria Clark

    19 07 2007
      Russell Jones (12:00:56) :     Reply

    His name is Jeremy and he’s from Super Doppler 10,and he’s a meteoroligist. Today he told us about tornadoes ,and hurricans, and how strong and ,fast and and how dangerous they are. Yes I would because, he can tell us the weather and what it’s going to be like outside so we canbe prepared.

    19 07 2007
      Calvin Thompson (12:03:55) :     Reply

    I really like Mr. Wheeler his was a good speaker for the class. Sad thing was because I hardly look at the news I really did not know who he was intill Tiffany told me who he was the Weather man for Wavy News 10. Everybody got along with him they asked good question about his job and about the things he worked with like storm hunting and forcasting the weather. the things that got people off was the thing about cloud seeding. It help stop tornados and other.

    23 07 2007
      Brandi (11:45:28) :     Reply

    I have had a good time here I do not want this program to end I will be real disapontent when the camp ends. The flyingDutchmeans are having a good time building the robot.

    23 07 2007
      Brandi (11:51:01) :     Reply

    I am a programer the programers job is to help the lead program and build the robot. We were seeing that if the robot would go around the coral reef map and it all most did but it stoped.

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