Day 7 Journal, July 18, 2006

18 07 2007

Hi Campers!  I hope you enjoyed Krista Trono’s presentation this morning.  She’s really a terrific lady and she gets to do such fun “stuff” in her job with the Monitor Foundation and NOAA.  Let’s take a little time to reflect on what you learned from her, please. 

Tell about at least two new facts that you learned from Krista.  This should be things that you did not know before or had little knowledge and understanding about before Krista came to talk to you today.  Give details.  Also, explain why or why not you would want Krista or someone with her skills as part of your recovery team.  Would you want that person on the actually voyage, or would you want to consult with that individual before you set sail?

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15 responses to “Day 7 Journal, July 18, 2006”

    18 07 2007
      Kamaria Clark (11:48:57) :     Reply

    well today i learned that there are actually more than 1 hawaiian islands (you’d think i would know that by now) another thing i did not know that Ms. Krista Trono told us about today was that titanic was discovered by —–Ballard *i forgot his name ~bad memory~*. someone working in the field with Ms. Trono might be helpful in getting the treasure from sure but her whole crew, we might have to have a talk with before we go on our voyage. i think that i covered it all if not i am so sorry ~sad face ~ 🙁
    Kamaria Clark

    18 07 2007
      Cameo L. (11:49:31) :     Reply

    I knew about NOAA, but I never knew what it stood for or what it was about. I learned that it stood for:

    Ocean &

    I also never knew that so many ship sink off the coast of Noth Carolina.
    They sink because of the currents and the weather conditions they create.

    I would want to consult Krista before the voyage. She has great knowledge of the currents, weather conditions, and geography out there and could be great help with planning everything.

    18 07 2007
      Khairi Shareiff (11:49:47) :     Reply

    you can be an intern for NOAA in highschool. You Should go to college. She experienced so yes. Before becuase We have to work well together.

    18 07 2007
      Khairi Shareiff (11:51:26) :     Reply

    This day went pretty good. Althogh Our team needs more teamwork.

    18 07 2007
      Nicholas (11:51:42) :     Reply

    Today I learned that the organization called NOAA studies marine biology.Also that their are lots of national parks.

    18 07 2007
      leamon (11:52:13) :     Reply

    Hi today was okay
    I found out that the monitor’s turret fell off and the burned the merrimack. I would want krista skills because I’m actually going to try to intern their 😉 I would consult with that person with those skills instead of voyaging.
    well bye 🙂

    18 07 2007
      samantha (11:52:55) :     Reply

    miss krista was really nice and she knows alot about what she does.i learned that she has worked with the monitor and she told us about what her job does with the NOAA. i would want her on my team before i go on the voyage becuase i think she could help alot with the mapping out and plan of what to do. she would also help suport the idea if it seems like it will work.

    18 07 2007
      Michael Hopkins (11:53:25) :     Reply

    I enjoyed Krista’s presentation today. I learned there are lots of things to do if you work for NOAA; Like the National Weather Service and a lot of other stuff. And I learned a lot about the monitor that I didn’t know. Krista would be a lot of help to our recovery team. Because she knows a lot about the ocean and coral reefs. She would be great to help us recover the treasure. She would travel to the Dominican Republic with us and map out the coral reef for us.

    18 07 2007
      Tiffany Renee (11:55:33) :     Reply

    Two facts I learned today were that NOAA has an internship, which actually sound really cool, and I learned that there are different divisions of NOAA. Honestly, I didn’t know that NOAA had many divisions, I just thought it was one whole big company. I would want someone like her one the recovery team, because, well, she works for management so having her on the team would keep me in the know of how to go about things. I would want her for the before and especially after, since she works in education and outreach and teaching the children in different ways.

    Tiffany Renee

    18 07 2007
      Calvin Thompson (11:55:48) :     Reply

    I really liked Krista Trono she told us a lot about the marine life and the USS Monitor she should us about the job she has a National Marine Sanctaries and N.O.A.A. She told us how to get a job at N.O.A.A and I going to get one

    18 07 2007
      Laurel (11:56:05) :     Reply

    I learned that you can be an intern as young as 14 there. That they have 14 sites to 🙂 ! She was nice and very informational. There are many people that are different working with her. I would want her because she is ver infomational (again) and knows alot about diving rules. I would want to consult them first to know they really know what theyr’e doing.

    18 07 2007
      keyiara (11:57:54) :     Reply

    1.miss krista was really cool.two things i learn today was that you cant just go out and get a ship from under water with learnen about the boat or things around it and that it is really cool to dive under water to see all the cool stuff. i never new some much stuff,like u could travel around the world and that u could start at 14yrs old,also u have to have a support so u can fund for the trip t be able to dive in there so u can check around the area.
    2.i would like to have krista over for the trip cause she seems fun and looks like she loves her job and thats i would wont on the ship. so we could have fun and work

    18 07 2007
      Nyjah (11:58:22) :     Reply

    :0 Having Krista come talk to us was pretty exciting. She explained to us that there is a National Marine Santuary Program and it is a system of 14 marine protected areas. She also explained to us that her crew went down into the sea and found the USS Monitor in 1975. Her job is somewhat interesting because of the technology being used, but I dont like the fact that you have to be exposed to much sun. 😉 I think we might need her on our trip. I dont know why right now but after we review the other jobs we will see.

    Your Friend
    Nyjah 🙂

    18 07 2007
      Kendall (11:58:42) :     Reply

    Today I learned about NOAA from the NOAA representive, Krista Trono.She told us about the Merrimack.I did know it sunk I just didn’t no where it sunk.I also didn’t no how it was retrieved, but she told us.She said the Merrimack had sunk East of North Carolina.She also said it had been retrieved by a machine-like claw.For the voyage I would what her as a consultant.Kendall out.

    19 07 2007
      Bianca Perez (09:09:01) :     Reply

    I was not here yesterday, but from the flyer I got I have learned a few more things I didn’t know about. The Monitor was our nation’s first nationals marine sanctuary and was designated on January 30, 1975. Also, the Monitor has been called the most famous ship in American history. I think it would be a good idea to bring her with my crew to our voyage. She seems like she knows a lot and would help during our voyage of our great treasure.

    Bianca Perez.

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