Welcome Camp Coral Reef Campers

5 07 2007

Avast ye landlubbers!  Come and join our team as we sesarch for pirate treasure.  Be prepared for sixteen days packed with activity, learning, exploration and most of all FUN!  You’ll get a chance to meet some interesting people who have great jobs working in a variety of fields.  Their jobs could easily become your jobs in the not-so-distant furture.  You’ll learn about weather, navigation, law, public speaking, proposal writing and of course robotics as you plan your search and create your team to recover the lost treasuer of Hades Rage!

Let the adventure begin!  Log in your comments NOW!



27 responses to “Welcome Camp Coral Reef Campers”

    9 07 2007
      leamon (11:25:27) :     Reply

    This program is fun
    and thr people are mad cool

    9 07 2007
      Khairhi Shareiff (11:26:20) :     Reply

    I think I will enjoy it.

    Khairhi Shareiff

    9 07 2007
      Laurel (11:26:46) :     Reply


    9 07 2007
      Nyjah (11:27:12) :     Reply


    9 07 2007
      Laurel (11:27:38) :     Reply

    This place is very very very very very very very very very very innterrestinggggg.

    9 07 2007
      Bianca Perez (11:29:21) :     Reply


    My name is Bianca. I am very interested in the camp coral reef program. I imagine it will be interesting and at the same time very fun. I will meet new people and students that will teach me more about science and myself. I thank you for allowing me a chance to experience this. Thank you.

    Bianca Perez.

    9 07 2007
      Laurel (11:30:19) :     Reply

    Goodbye my unexpected friends.

    9 07 2007
      leamon (11:30:34) :     Reply

    I like Oranges

    9 07 2007
      smantha (11:31:31) :     Reply

    hey evreyone this is samantha so hows everyone doin in this camp. so if ur all wantin to know i kinda am glad that i came and i wish that thisn will get much cooler as the days go. well if yall eva want to talk to me thats cool cuaze i inda whanna make some friend an all.

    9 07 2007
      Kamaria Clark (11:31:47) :     Reply

    Hello this is Kamaria Clark, i really hope that the camp is going to be as fun it was last year and more interesting. today’s activities were fun but that first one we needed a little bit more time on that, i think that if we had some more people that would just understand us we could’ve found some more information on which one really happened because not to be rude but the fish inspection was not at all helpfull to our mission. but that is about all that i have to say about that.

    9 07 2007
      Michael H. (11:32:06) :     Reply

    It’s great to be here. I can’t wait to build the robots. The leaders are nice; They will always help me with stuff that confuses me.

    9 07 2007
      Cameo (11:33:29) :     Reply

    Hi, my name is Cameo and today was the 1st day of Camp Coral Reef.

    I can’t wait to build some robots!

    9 07 2007
      Kendall (11:33:52) :     Reply

    Hi my name is Kendall.Today we learned about how greenpeace protects the enviroment.

    9 07 2007
      adante (11:35:11) :     Reply

    hello i’m starting to have fun

    9 07 2007
      brad(ley) (11:36:43) :     Reply

    hello everyone,for those of you that do not know already,is it ok(and i prefer)for you all to call me brad.
    I think it is very good to get seperate teams together on certain activities.
    I also think that the psycho ninja fish will win the project using the mindstorms to collect and transport the treasure so we will win the mp4 players!

    9 07 2007
      Khairi Shareiff (11:43:05) :     Reply

    I think I will enjoy it.

    10 07 2007
      Adante (11:42:34) :     Reply

    i had fun building the robot

    10 07 2007
      keyiara (11:47:31) :     Reply

    i love camp so far it was more then i expected. its cool that the teachers can joke with the students 2. everyone was very nive here its a cool atmosphere.

    11 07 2007
      Cameo L. (11:54:49) :     Reply

    Yay! Robots!

    11 07 2007
      Brandi (12:00:33) :     Reply

    Hey this is Brandi aka bb
    I have had fun in the camp so far we are learning how to make a robot and it is so cool I have made good friends here and I hope that yall have hade a good time here to. Sam is so funny and nice.

    11 07 2007
      Kendall (12:01:12) :     Reply

    I think it is fun here.It is easy to do the robots even though it sounds hard.

    12 07 2007
      Brandi (12:00:58) :     Reply

    I will all was rember this. :_)

    12 07 2007
      samantha (17:52:43) :     Reply

    hello people how are you doin i whant to know if they think there team will win and why

    16 07 2007
      Calvin Thompson (11:45:05) :     Reply

    I know I will enjoy it working with the team is great so do this with the is even better

    17 07 2007
      Brandi (11:58:46) :     Reply

    Nyjah did most of the tipping and I Helped her and michell he did alot and russel he helped us with our programing and I have had a good time here and I will be disaponted that the program will end. Our robot did a triangle and a square we have had a good time. Cameo brought in some cookies in. talk to you later

    18 07 2007
      Brandi (11:49:14) :     Reply

    The flying ducth means crew all most got the S right for the robot. Sam is a nice person she is funny and smart. I have had a good time here and I am going to be so sad when this program ends.

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