Day 15 Journal, August 1, 2007

1 08 2007


Only one more day of camp and less than a day left to get your robot ready to go.  I hoep each of you has had some memorable experiences during these four weeks.  I know the teachers have had a terrific time working with each of you.  Sometimes we all got a little stressed, but this was a totally unique wxperience in many ways for all of us.

Let’s take a little time to reflect on the TOTAL experience.  Write a paragraph or two about your time at Camp Coral Reef.  You might want to include the friends you have made, the sikills you have learned, the prize (s) you were able to buy at the auction and general impressinos.  What will you tell family, friends and teachers when they ask you about your time at camp?  Would you encourage other students to come to camps like this during the summer?  If possible would you come to a “next gerneration” camp next summere where you build and expand on your skills that you now have?

Tell everyone what you think!

Day 14 Journal, July 31, 2007

31 07 2007

And now the end is near… But the party’s not over.  How did robot construction progress today?  Will you be ready on Thursday?  Why or why not?

What is your responsibility for the competition and presentation on Thursday?  Have you and your group thought about appearances?  Perhaps you all want to wear the same color shirt and maybe jeans or slacks that are similiar. Discuss this with the team before you respond to this item, please.

Remember to write all of your journal response comments at one time, not as separate comments.  If you have other things that you want to say that may help the whole group, you should put them in a separate comment.

Day 13 Journal, July 30, 2007

30 07 2007

Time is slipping away for some of the teams.  Robots still need some design changes and additional programming.  All of the teams neew to put the final touches on your PowerPoint.  However, the greatest PowerPoint in the world is not worth much unless your robot can perform.

What steps did your team take today to prepare for Thursday’s competition? 

Let’s make a list of these, at least five (5) tasks that you accomplished today as a team.

What personal milestones did you accomplish today?  Please list at least two.

Day 12 Journal, July 26, 2007

30 07 2007

Sorry about Thursday’s technical difficulties, but I understand that those of you who were here went with an alternate plan.  Please place what you wrote on Thursday in as a comment for this journal.

REMEMBER — Pay close attention to correct spelling and grammar.  You need to answer completely.

If you prefer, you may respond to this item that was intended for Thursday.  You will receive credit for either one for Thursday’s jounral.

Explain how the Dive & Drive works and what uses it has.  Would this be a good device to use on your recovery mission?  Why or why not?  Explain in at least 4 sentences.

Day 11 Journal, July 25, 2007

25 07 2007

Good morning Camp Coral Reef!!

Well, you had some exciting visitors today.  I hope you learned a lot from the divers.  I know they were very excited about coming to speak to you today.  Let’s hear what you learned from them today.

In a paragraph (5-7 sentence minimum) detail some of the facts you learned about their profession, their educational background, and what their job entails on a daily basis.  Please include reasons for why or why not you would include one of these guys on your recovery team.

See you soon!


Day 10 Journal, July 24, 2007

24 07 2007

Hi Campers,

it’s now time to really tell about your project and your robot activities.  In a paragraph (3-5 sentence minimum) tell us how your team is progressing with robot construction.  What tasks have you successfully learned to program?  How well is the team working together now as opposed to the early days of camp?  What are your chances of being the winning team?  How are you going to accomplish this winning endeavor?

Remember to check your spelling and to use complete sentences, please.

Go for it!

Day 9 Journal, July 23, 2007

23 07 2007

Hi everyone!

I hope your team got things rolling in good form today.  How are you coming with your team PowerPoint presentation?  Please answer the following questions for today’s journal.

  1. What part of the PowerPoint are you responsible for ?  That is, which pieces of information are you supposed to research, create, find, and write? 
  2. What progress have you made in your assignment?  Please explain.
  3. Did you locate any pictures or graphics to support your informaton? 
  4. Did your team take pictures and save them to add to your presentation?

REMEMBER-The person who is creating the final PowerPoint is NOT responsible for finding all of the informaton.  His/Her responsibility is to assemble the material that each of you has found and recorded.  Some work should be done on this every day.

Day 8 Journal, July 19, 2007

19 07 2007

Hi again, campers,

Well, you certainly had a full day today and as well as a full week.  I hope your team is on track for success.  Remember the portaportal guest login is CoralReef.  Sorry I goofed earlier.

Now let’s hear from you on today’s guest speaker.  What interesting things about weather and meteorology that you did not know before did you learn from Jeremy Wheeler?  Would you need to take him or someone in his profession for your project team?  Why or why not.  Give some specific details, please.

Have a good weekend.  See you tomorrow!


Portaportal Guest Login for Websites for reasearch

18 07 2007

Go to  Login in as a Guest using the word jellyfish.  

Day 7 Journal, July 18, 2006

18 07 2007

Hi Campers!  I hope you enjoyed Krista Trono’s presentation this morning.  She’s really a terrific lady and she gets to do such fun “stuff” in her job with the Monitor Foundation and NOAA.  Let’s take a little time to reflect on what you learned from her, please. 

Tell about at least two new facts that you learned from Krista.  This should be things that you did not know before or had little knowledge and understanding about before Krista came to talk to you today.  Give details.  Also, explain why or why not you would want Krista or someone with her skills as part of your recovery team.  Would you want that person on the actually voyage, or would you want to consult with that individual before you set sail?

 Points for everyone to remember when posting to the CCR Blog:

  • Be sure to write your answers in complete sentences.
  • Do not use all capital letters–that means you’re yelling at us!
  • Check spelling and mechanics.
  • DO NOT post mulitple comments that are nonsense.  EX. cartoons, random comments that have nothing to do with camp.  Remember-this is not a chat room or MySpace, it is a journaling forum where you share your reacitions and thoughts about the camp and the project.


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