Lincoln, Obama, and the White House

The newly elected president has made many referrals to Abraham Lincoln, and what an opportune time to tie this momentous time in history with the Standards of Learning that many have in their American History and/or Virginia History classes:


I.Abraham Lincoln: An Extraordinary Life: See his top hat, pictures, and many more items. If you have a weekend free, why not leave early some Saturday morning and see the exhibit in person? It’s only a four hour drive, and I’ve heard of others who park in Fredericksburg and take the train from there.

a)Commemoration of Abraham Lincoln’s Bicentennial: A page with many links

b)Educational Resources from the Smithsonian

II.First Ladies. The first lady has received much attention with her poise and fashion. What were previous first ladies like? What did they wear?

III. White House Historical Association: Visit the website with pictures, lesson plans, resources, and tours. Explore previous presidents’ lives in the White House. Do you want to visit in person? They have a fabulous shop near the White House. If you want to go, I can tell you where it is and give you some hints (as in water bottles cause the guards to be very unhappy, etc.).

IV. Enchanted Learning: The White House. Worksheets, facts about Washington, D.C., and sundry White House resources

V. Pictures Behind the Scenes on Inauguration: ( Pictures of President Obama on his important day.

VI: Past Presidential Inauguration speeches: Bartleby; New York Times Past Inaugural Speeches

Do you have resources to share? Feel free to add a comment!

1/28/09 update: White House 101–facts for everyone

Visit the White House–Sort Of…

whha_logo.gifFrom the White House websiteOne of my hobbies, or interests, is history of the White House. In fact, one of my dreams is to be able to see the upstairs of the White House and visit the Oval Office. What are the chances of this? Probably about as much as striking up a friendship with Zachary Levi (“Chuck”), or winning a zillion dollars, or being mistaken for Brad Pitt.

The biggest let-down of not winning Virginia Teacher of the Year was not because the folks in Richmond thought somebody else was better than I, but that was my last chance for getting my foot in the Rose Garden. So how else do I visit?

Have you heard of the website The White House Historical Association? This is a fabulous website to take students to if you want to learn the history/background of the President’s House, get lesson plans, teaching guides, etc.

Examples of things you can see:
=>Primary Document Activities: Go
=>Music Educator’s Kit: Go
=>Art Educator’s Guide: Go
=>Examples of lesson plans: Go

The White House official website has a fascinating page about life at the White House with virtual tours, historical photos, facts, art, and what happens at Christmas. For example, here’s a pdf of their booklet given out at the White House Christmas tours: White House tour book Check it out!