How Would You Change Education?

CaptureIf you are a teacher, you know the pressure of accountability and the scrutiny that we are receiving in the press and media. In short, the mantra seems to be, “Get those test scores up.” Ever wonder what students think? What if they had a chance to sit all those down who are responsible for schooling and say, “This is what I would do” or “this is how I would run the place!”

Steve Hargadon , creator of Classroom 2.0, has done just that with a new site Elevd:

We encourage students to submit videos that…
• Offer new ideas for what education could be, and/or
• Inspire others to transform education, and/or
• Propose specific actions you or others can take to improve education in your community

This is not only an example of students using technology to submit their ideas, but there are some nuggets of wisdom contained in these. If you have any students that wish to submit a video that they create, or have an idea for one, let me know!

Olive Branch/Simonsdale Students Flip Around the World

Olive Branch by D. Souleret“A Day in the Life of A Portsmouth School” might not necessarily make the Oscars, but it certainly is going to be seen around the world and United States! Students will be joining forces with Simonsdale and Nancy and will wrap up their videos with the Simonsdale Colonial Fair on May 29th. Afterwards, films will be shared in a collaboration project with schools in Europe, Australia, and in the United States, Wisconsin. Not only will students learn storyboarding, video planning, and editing, but the videos will help supplement any SOL that relates to the seven continents.

www.TheFlip.comI’m also excited about the new Flip Cameras that our I.T. director is purchasing. This camera is a hand held camera that we first learned about VSTE. It’s easy to use, fun, and clarity of pictures are great enough to look like it comes from a larger camera. In fact, the camera was even featured on Oprah’s show.

Stay tuned for updates as we progress through the project.