VSTE 2008: Follow-Up and Sharing

Sharing–one of the pillars of the teaching profession, describes precisely what the VSTE 2008 conference in Roanoke was. I love those “A Ha” moments when the light bulbs suddenly start glowing over everyone’s heads, or those face splitting smiles when we get excited about how we can take things back to the classroom. One of the TRT Kings of Sharing, Obe Hostetter, spoke at one of the sessions I attended with Deloris. The conversation between us went something like this when I realized it was HIM as he approached the podium:

“Look–is that the guy from Rockingham County?”
“It IS! He’s so young looking!”
“I can’t believe we’re looking at a celebrity in the ITRT world!”
“Let’s go up and talk to him!”

After that, we flew up to greet him, as did many others with similar squeals of glee and admiration (OK–a little stretch there, but close). What makes him stand out? Mr. O has developed a technology integration website for Virginia teachers who are looking for SOL resources to enrich the lessons in their classrooms. It must be used by many, for I heard neighbors sitting around me expressing similar gratitudes of awe and astonishment.

Note that when you log on to his site (click here) that at the bottom you can do your own specific resource search. Try it and look at the number of specific items that pop up. I promise–you will gasp from the possibilities of things you can do!

Thanks, Mr. Ohostetter, from teachers/ITRTs from around Virginia!