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Top 50 Blogs for Teachers (outside link from Rasmussen College)

If you sometimes feel isolated and ever wish to join in reading and conversing with educators across the nation/world, why not subscribe to a blog? To whet your appetite, Webblog-ed is one (Will Richardson) who has written a recent post “Race to the Top needs another ‘t'” on standardized testing, accountability, tenure, and the like.

Don’t forget you leave tattoos when you post: Plethora of Technology

Angle interactives (for IWB)

Students can take their own survey to determine their learning styles/preferences (Accelerated Learning)

–>Zoomerang (free with upgrade purchase for more features)

Don’t forget Tammy W’s Tip of the Week!

Free Resources for Teachers

freeIf you are searching for free resources for your classroom, then visit Brought to my attention by Mrs. Barth, many goodies are here for you to use:

• Teacher Humor (don’t we need that all the time???)
• Fun and Games
• Worksheet Creator
• Links Directory
• Graphic Organizers
• Journal Topics
• Quote Posters
• Teacher Forms
• Back to School
• Awards/Certificates
• Coloring Pages
• Large Letters to Color
• Seasonal
• Mazes
• Word Searches
• Dynamic Story Starter
• Inspiration
• Analogies Worksheets

Revisiting Resources: Library Media Services Link

pps pageSometimes the best resources are right under our noses which we can forget about so easily. One such resource is the Library Media Services link on the Portsmouth Schools website that provides a myriad of research links and websites for the classroom teacher. As quoted from the page, “… the Portsmouth Public School libraries provide a collection of print and electronic sources that support the curriculum and new technologies in classroom learning and research.”.

Links include (all FREE!):
Discovery Streaming
Britannica Online (instant access on a PPS network; let me know if you need the password for home usage)
Infotrac: Online research data base for K-12
Alexandria: online card catalogue
World Book Online
CountryReports: cultural information, Photo Gallery, Spanish Language Module, Ethnic Recipes, Common Phrases translated, Compare and Contrast Data, Maps and Flags, and MUCH more!
ProQuest: SIRS Researcher, eLibrary, and many more data bases with full-text and multimedia reference essentials
WHRO: education services
Virginia Education Media Association
Find It Virginia: With a Va. public library card, you can access magazine and newspaper articles, encyclopedias, etc.
AASL: American Association of School Librarians
Library Skills Curriculum, K-5
The Library of Virginia
The Library of Congress

To access, go to the homepage and click on the Teacher/Staff page. From there, scroll down to the Library Media Services page.

Need ideas, questions answered, and the like? Let me know!

I Need Inspired and Perked Up; Do You?

Can the brain actually HURT? Mine sure does! I know I’m not alone. I think of the Lending Tree Commercial where the guy is “up to his ears in debt” and asks for help (it’s really funny). What if they made a spoof about a teacher, standing in front of the classroom with papers to grade stacked to the ceiling, pacing guides stacked everywhere, and he says, “Somebody, please help me!”

A post that I read recently on Kevin Jarrett’s blog about a website which says “‘Ideas to Inspire’ is a collection of collaborative presentations, which offer a large number of ideas for engaging lesson activities. They are the result of the collaboration of teachers from all around the world.” Click either on the picture or here to explore this site of ideas for your classroom.

Technology Tidbits: Resources for Sharing

Ideas, sites, and other sundry things learned at VSTE:

Wise Gorilla (clip art)
Elementary Themes (link page for clip art)
Awesome ClipArt for Teachers (links, fonts, the works…)

FreeFoto (pictures–watch out for pop up ads)
Flickr Creative Commons (don’t let kids surf Flickr)


Loudoun County Public Schools
three examples follow, but there are many more to see:
E books: electronically illustrated books
Inspiration: audio features with text-to-speech features
***Pocket Mod***: be sure to check this great foldable booklet idea that comes with a template

Free Flashcard Site for Students from 6-65

Need to remember something, whether it’s for a test, or directions, or a speech, or anything that uses flash cards? Can you say f-r-e-e?

Cramberry is a website, to use their own words: Say hello to Cramberry, a new web application that uses flashcards to help people study for exams, learn a new language, remember important things like birthdays or names, and much more. Getting started with Cramberry is simple, and usually takes less than a minute.

Registration is free, and directions listed on the home page of their site details the process for making your own cards for whatever test of memorizing is approaching in your future.

American History Teachers! Need a Great Teaching Resource?

Textbooks can strike terror in a student, especially if the teacher has students read aloud and then says after the lesson, “Answer the questions at the end of the chapter.” Argh! Last week, when Lisa and I were teaching a sixth grade history lesson, I asked the students, “If you hate history, please share your reasons.” Many said, “We memorize,” “We learn the same thing every year,” “We memorize,” and on and on and on. Time to spice up your lessons!

Colonial Williamsburg sends out a monthly Teacher Gazette newsletter via email that focuses on primary sources, shares lesson plans, and other pertinent helps to get your students out of the Social Studies Hum Drum.
“Tight Lacing, or Fashion before Ease,” by Bowles and Carver after John Collet, London, England, ca. 1770–1775. From the collections of the Colonial Williamsburg FoundationFor example, this month’s newsletter covers “Tight Lacing: Taking Great Pains with Fashion,” by Susan Pryor; Primary Source of the Month:
“Tight Lacing, or Fashion before Ease” ; and Teaching Strategy:
“Extreme Fashion” in the 1700s

If you are interested in signing up, click here: Go

Also, if you wish to have a wealth of resources to explore, don’t forget to go to the Teacher’s Resources page on the CW website. There you will find:
–>recordings of songs, music, and other multimedia
–>lesson plans
–>virtual maps and interactives
and much more