NECC Fabulous Find #5: The United Kingdom, ITPs, and Math Manipulatives

There are three types of workshops:
==>Why am I wasting my time sitting here?
==>This is good stuff
==>With the Halleluiah Chorus in the background, you-forget-to-breathe-because-this-is-GOOD-stuff-and-I-can’t-wait-to-share-this! good.

I was blessed to listen to Helen Crompton, member of the Visiting International Faculty, as she presented a new initiative by the British Government to support educators in teaching various mathematical concepts. Do not fear–these are as useful in the U.S. as they are in Britain! Especially useful for those with interactive white boards, slates, or data projectors, you can download for free (yes, you read right) Flash electronic manipulatives that cover such things as area, line graphs, grouping, place value, number lines, telling time, measuring ruler, and MANY more.

To access the ITPs, just go to this website, type in ITPs in the search bar, and click the hyperlinks that come up. There are many other links that I haven’t explored, but this is well worth investigating. For further information, feel free to email Ms. Crompton at

Here are some instructions to give you examples:
place value
ratio and proportion

Promethean/MCPS User Groups–All Welcome!

Good news! Laptops and materials have been delivered to Promethean and MCPS classrooms, and so we’re ready to begin training as well as begin our after school user groups! Do you have to have a Promethean or MCPS system to attend training or the user groups? NO! The hour is laid back, relaxed, and a chance for your peers to share what they have learned, as well as a chance to show you new tricks and neat things. Right now I’ve thought once a month, but the Olive Branch teachers, for example, have asked for more than once a month. It’s all for you! Let me know what you want to do! I’ll touch base with you this week and next (22nd and 29th of Sept.) to finalize dates. What do you think about PTA nights? Let me know…